SOPHIA UNIVERSITY A Japanese University with a Global Mission

Japan’s Pioneer in Global Education

Sophia University led the move to internationalization in Japan, providing study and educational opportunities that take our increasingly complex world into account.
Over the years, the university has created an original global network that allows researchers and students from overseas to teach and study in Japan, and Japanese researchers and students to do the same abroad.
Sophia provides an excellent educational environment for the era of internationalization, cultivating “Men and Women for Others, with Others” who can excel on the global stage.


Next#02: Greetings from Sophia University

Greetings from Sophia University

As the 21st century unfolds, we find ourselves in challenging times. Many barriers to equity have been removed, but not all. Our world seems to stand on a precipice, unsure of where it is heading. Many wonder, will countries become more divisive or will we be able to rise above divisive beliefs and actions and become unified as one borderless global society.

This university was founded on the belief that all people – no matter what one’s religion, ethnicity, or nationality may be, should be brought together in peaceful unity and equity. This vision of our founding fathers holds strong today at Sophia University, ensuring that we remain committed to their ideals and is reflected in our education principle ‘Men and Women for Others, with Others’.

Higher education must constantly strive to enrich both the minds and hearts of students. How do we instill dignity, respect and empathy in our students is a question we often ask ourselves at Sophia University. We encourage students to view the world from multiple perspectives, be critical thinkers and drivers of change towards a better future for all.

Dr. Yoshiaki Terumichi ,
President of Sophia University


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Next#04: Sophia University
Overseas Partner Institutions

International Students - Area as of May 2016

International Students in 77 countriesas of May 2016



Next#05: Number of International Students

Overseas Partner Institutionsas of March 2017

agreements with
298 overseas universities in
59 countries

agreements with
298 overseas universities in
59 countries

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Number of




* Total Full-time Student Enrollment: 13,435
12,117 Undergraduate
1,153 Graduate
165 Law School

* Number of International Students: 1,465
1019 Undergraduate
446 Graduate


Next#06: Campus Location

Campus Location

Sophia University is located in Yotsuya, literally in the heart of Tokyo.
The area around the university has long been at the center of Japanese politics,economy and culture.
The imperial palace, the Parliament, the State Guesthouse, and the National Diet Library as well as an array of offices
of multinational enterprises are all within easy walking distance of the university.
It is a place where you can feel the dynamism of the global city of Tokyo, experience its urban atmosphere and keep
up with the trends of the times.


Next#07: Academic and
Research Institutes Organizations

Academic and Research
Institutes Organizations

Undergraduate Faculties &


Next#08: Wide variety of
English‐medium programs

Wide variety of
English - medium programs

Students can study business and economics, science and technology, and environmental studies, all strengths of Japan, in English.

Sophia also boasts a long tradition in Japanese studies.
Monumenta Nipponica, an English‐medium scholarly journal that serves as an important resource for researchers studying Japan worldwide, is edited at the University.

The following programs offer entirely of English‐medium curriculum:
Undergraduate level: Liberal Arts, Science and Technology
Graduate level: Global Studies, Global Environmental Studies, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Science and Technology
Non‐Degree programs: Liberal Arts, Center for Language Education and Research (Japanese‐language courses)


Next#09: Faculty Staff

Faculty Staff 1387

15% of full-time teachers who work at Sophia University come from 21 different countries.

Sali Augustine Faculty of Global Studies Department of Global Studies

Sali Augustine Faculty of Global Studies Department of Global Studies

Anne McDonald Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Master's (Doctoral) Program in Global Environmental Studies

Anne McDonald Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Master's (Doctoral) Program in Global Environmental Studies

Reinold Ophuls-Kashima Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of German Studies

Reinold Ophuls-Kashima Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of German Studies


Next#10: Bilingual Campus
#11: Career Support

Bilingual Campus

All departments at Sophia University have staff members who speak English, allowing them to accommodate English-language inquiries related to student life, including questions about coursework and registration, scholarship programs, and counseling.
Administrative offices that deal with international students have formed the Support Network for International Students as part of an effort to integrate support services for those students.


Career Support

The Sophia Career Center helps International students to make their job-seeking efficient and teaches them the right tips to find career opportunities in Japan.
International students have access to the following programs offered by the Career Center:

  • • Individual counseling service
  • • Job search database (including internship search)
  • • Job fair
  • • Job search workshops designed for international students

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Next#12: Housing Information


Sophia University has several off-campus dormitories and offers affiliated housing options. For inquiries and application, contact the dormitory/organization directly.

Since the Sophia campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, the cost of living near campus is very high. As reasonable housing is located in the suburbs, students should expect a 30-90 min. commuting time to campus.

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Next#13: Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Sophia University offers two main types of scholarships: scholarships for students showing an excellent academic performance and scholarships for students experiencing financial hardship that makes it difficult for them to continue their studies. There are a particularly large number of scholarships in the latter category.

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