グローバル教育・留学 ルクセンブルクオフィス Luxembourg Office

ルクセンブルクオフィスは、国際化拠点整備事業(グローバル30) (※1)の一環として、ルクセンブルク大学内に開設されました。
(※1) 2009年に文部科学省は、 国際化拠点整備事業(グローバル30) の拠点として13大学を採択し、上智大学はその一つの大学として選ばれました。本事業が終了する2013年度までの間、本学では、 、「留学生受入体制の整備」、「英語による授業等の実施体制の構築」、「戦略的な国際連携」など、様々な取り組みを行いました。

Luxembourg Office
C/O Universite du Luxembourg
Campus Belval, Maison du Savoir
2, avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-Belval, Luxembourg
Email: luoffice[at]sophia.ac.jp

ルクセンブルク大学紹介資料はこちら(707.94 KB)



上智大学はそのルクセンブルク大公国にあるルクセンブルク大学と交換留学協定校になっています。本オフィスはルクセンブルク大学ベルバルキャンパスの国際関係オフィスの一室にあり、例年、交換留学実績を積み重ねています。ルクセンブルク大学から9名の成績優秀者が上智大学夏季短期プログラムのAsian Studiesを毎年受講しています。

本オフィスはルクセンブルク及びその周辺地域における1. 研究、教育活動の支援、高等教育機関の動向等の情報収集、2. 交換留学協定校との関係強化、交流の推進、3. 現地での学生募集活動、広報活動、上智大学留学希望者への情報提供、留学相談、説明会の実施、本学への出願手続きの支援、4. 本学からルクセンブルク大学への留学生の受け入れ環境整備及び支援、5. 職員の欧州滞在の際の準備、サポート等を行い現地での上智大学のプレゼンス向上を目指しています。


The Luxembourg office of Sophia University opened its doors on September 2012. Located on the Belval Campus, it actively participates in the organisation of exchange programs for students and research faculty with its partner university, the University of Luxembourg. Every year 9 top students from Luxembourg attend the Asian Studies course at Sophia University's Summer program.

The office supports education and research activities, collects information on the higher education institution in and around Luxembourg with the goal to enhance the relationship with its partner university and promotes students and researchers exchanges between the two institutions. The office provides documentation and support European students need in order to apply for Sophia University’s programs. The office also offers assistance to Sophia students who study in Luxembourg. Finally, the office serves as liaison for the Sophia University Tokyo with the universities in Luxembourg and neighboring countries.

Luxembourg is a small country located in the heart of Western Europe, surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium. It is conveniently accessible from major European capitals within 2 hours by airplane. Due to its political and social stability as well as its international orientation, the country has created substantial prosperity for its population. Over 200 banking and insurance institutions represent the main driver of the country’s economy, making Luxembourg the premier private banking centre in the Eurozone and the second largest fund centre in the world. Luxembourg has been a founding member of the European Union and seats several of its institutions such as the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, The European Investment Bank, the General Secretariat of the European Parliament and some Commission Departments.

There are 6000 students at the University of Luxembourg, almost half of students are non-Luxembourg nationals. The language used in the lectures are French, German and English. Some course are held in English while others require both English and French language skills. Its proximity to the European Institutions makes the University of Luxembourg ideally suitable for EU Study with visits to the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament available. The research priorities are Computational Science, Law, Finance, Educational Sciences, Biomedecine and Information and Communication Technology. The language centre in the university offers various language courses. There is also a national language school and many of the Sophia exchange students attend these classes besides their university curriculum.

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