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SSIC is a hub for mutual exchanges among Sophians.

Event Schedule

If you want to join us, these below are future events.

Space for promotion of communication among students

SSIC(Sophia Student Integration Commons)is opened at Bldg. No.11, 1F on December 2017. SSIC is for promoting 1) Exchanges among students 2) Peer consulting and opening 3) A rest station for students with disabilities. In the future, SSIC aims at becoming an exchange hub where student can come at all times and meet different kind of people. As of May 2018, SSIC is holding events only but we are looking forward to different ideas from students.

Exchange among students
SSIC room’s picture

This goal is the answer of SSIC to students’ needs in exchanging with both international students and domestic students.
Various event plans and excursions are held monthly. As for event plans, there are two types which are university-held-event and student-run-event. Until now, events such as Field Trip to Shinagawa, New Year Japanese rice-cake making event, Russia Week, Calligraphy, Field Trip to Asakusa, Photo Exhibition about Kumamoto Earthquake and so on were held.

Further information about our events will be posted on our University Official Line and SSIC Twitter Accounts.

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Sophia Official Line@

As for University Official Line, content are categorized into 9 categories. In order to receive information from SSIC, please select “Student Peer Exchange/Life Support” when you register this account.

◆Recruitment of Event Plans & Event Staffs
SSIC is accepting event plans proposed by students such as exhibition of seminar or student club activities. We also need student—supporters who can help us during those events.

Peer consulting
Picture about SSIC space for peer consulting

SSIC holds peer consulting among students so as to help students to solve their daily issues such as course registration, life trouble and so on. We are providing supporters that went through our SSIC Student Supporter Training Program.
Opening times for peer consulting is Wednesday 13:30~16:45. Consultation will be held inside SSIC space (Bldg.11, first floor).
Opening time is decided based on the class schedule of supporters. Moreover, times of opening may change due to the number of supporters.

Rest station for students with disabilities
Picture about SSIC's rest station

SSIC is in process of preparing rest station for students with disabilities. Those students can use personal space with the maximum of 2 hours. Reservation can be made in advance at Center for Student Affairs.


Arai (Ms.) SSIC coordinator, Center for Student Affairs