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Application Information for Fall 2020 (Updated on June 26th, 2020)

Fall 2020 applications for Sophia dormitories (Sophia Soshigaya International House, Sophia-Arrupe International Residence, Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory) will be accepted under the following conditions.
※The inflection of COVID-19 is still in severe situation. To avoid the "3Cs" (closed room, close gatherings, close contact) and to prevent the possibility of a second wave of outbreaks for the safety of students, Sophia University has decided to limit the applicant eligibility as follows and hope for your understanding.

Applicant eligibility

Incoming regular students newly enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school of Sophia University starting from Fall 2020

However, only for Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory, below students who currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate students at Sophia University are also eligible to apply.
(1) Degree students
(2) Exchange students, Non-Degree students, Research students

Application must be done after agreement that residents are not allowed to smoke within Sophia dormitories. No smoking room is provided. Ward where the dormitory locates is the area where smoking at the public spaces is prohibited.

Application schedule

Application period: From July 1st (Wed) to 14th (Tue), 2020
Notice of results: July 31st (Fri), 2020

-Application schedule is based on Japan times. No application is accepted after the application period.
-Students get accepted to Sophia University before the end of application period will be able to go through screening process.
-(For Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory) There will be no disadvantages in screening process regardless applicants are incoming students or current students.


Screening will be done via the content in the application form. (No interview will be held)
The below is the necessary information for filling the form. We recommend you to prepare the answers before filling in the form.
We cannot give you any reasons for acceptance or refusal as well as the process of screening.

Question List
-Your choice of dormitory (Multiple application accepted)
-Basic information (name, birthday, sex, nationality, student ID number/entrance examination number, course, affiliation, grade, email address, phone number, language, interest/special skills)
-Guarantor information (name, relation, address, email address, phone number, financial resource for international students)
・Reason for your application to Sophia Dormitory
・As a constituent member of the dormitory, each resident is expected to proactively engage in the dormitory events and activities which promote exchange among residents. What kind of activities do you think would be beneficial for enhancing the community of residents?
e.g.) Movie night, Marathon event, etc
・Question for applicants of Soshigaya International House and Arrupe International Residence
Each dormitory has its own mission and vision for the purpose of human development and for students to know what to be expected as residents. Please tell us the thought about the mission and vision, how you will practice and make it significant for your future?
How do you intend to contribute to run the dormitory (either as a leader or member) through the Living Group system? (specifically)
Each Living Group has a leader who will require active leadership. Would you like to be one?

Application form

Please confirm the rule, regulation and facilities etc. carefully since this part is important.

Application form
(Accessible during application period)

Application form will be done online. Please prepare the answers before filling in the application form.
We will send the confirmation of receiving your application to your email within 3 working days.
In the case that you do not receive our confirmation email, there is possibility that the application form is not completed. Therefore, please fill in the form again or contact us via below email.
Contact: dorm-co(at) ※Replace (at) with @ before sending.