Sophia University

Campus Life FAQ


Q. Is it possible to take a visit to Sophia Dormitories?

A. Yes, it is possible. The local offices is accepting dorm visits so please make a call for more information.
Contact of local offices
Arrupe International Residence:03-3351-1028
Soshigaya International House:03-5384-1201
Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory:03-3615-8918

Q. Is the application to the Sophia dormitories first-come-first-serve-basis?

A. Since all applications will go through a screen process, it is not first-come-first-serve-basis.

Q. For spring moving-in, there is two application periods. Is it possible that the second one will not be held because the first one receive full amount of residents?

A. Each of the application period has the decided amount of slot so both will be held as announced.

Q. Can I invite my friend to the dormitory?

A. There is space at first floor in each dormitory where visitors can come in a certain time period. Please check the details regarding to the rule of each dormitory for this matter.

Q. Is it possible to apply for more than one dormitory (Arrupe International Residence, Soshigaya International House, Edagawa Men's Dormitory)? Does applying to more than one dormitory cause disadvantage during the screening process?

A. Applying to more than one dormitory is possible without causing any disadvantage because screening is held separately for each of the dormitory.

Q. Is it possible to smoke inside the dormitory?

A. All Sophia dormitories are non-smoking.

Q. Is there any bicycle parking space inside the dormitory?

A. There is one slot for each resident. It is impossible to park motorbike. For reference, there is no parking area in the campus so please do not use bicycle to commute to the university.

Q. Do male and female residents stay separately in the residential area? (Arrupe International Dormitory, Soshigaya International House)

A. Both of the dormitories are for male and female. However, there is separation for male and female in the residential area. No entrance is allowed to the area of the opposite sex.

Q. The application information says that the maximum period of occupancy is 2 years and extension of period of stay is decided after screening by the director of Center for Student Affairs. Does it mean that student can only stay in the dormitory in a maximum of 2 years? (Arrupe International Dormitory, Soshigaya International House)

A. Before the end of your contract, we will make confirmation with you if you want to extend the period or not. If you want to, screening will be held and final decision will be made by the director of Center for Student Affairs. The details of screening process will be sent during this conformation so we cannot answer beforehand.