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Campus Life Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory

Dormitory in the Tokyo bay area with good location

This dormitory provides private room with a mini-kitchen allowing residents to cook meal by themselves freely. Manager stays inside the dormitory and helps student with daily life matter. We recommend this dormitory to international or graduate students because it provides private space with easy access to the university and does not require a co-signer (housing guarantor) like other private housing options in Japan.

Feature and concept

The dormitory is designed in one-room apartment style creating a private space for student to concentrate on study and their private life. Furthermore, there are also a community room and a guest space with facilities promoting exchange providing changes to communicate with friends based on their needs. In the year of 2019, the LAN internet service, projector and speaker for watching movie, table tennis table is provided in community room.

Rule and regulation

The below ones are regulation and important cautions regarding life in Edagawa Men's Dormitory.
Please confirm the content carefully before application.

Facilities and room layout

Male dormitory providing wide individual rooms (24 square meter), 78 rooms in total.
Air-conditioner, bed, closet, compact kitchen unit, bathroom, toilet, washstands, desk, chair, bookshelf are furnished.
Manager stays inside the dorm. No meal service provided.


House fee and period of occupancy

Entrance fee: 100,000 yen (One-time payment when you move in)
Deposit: 100,000 yen (Full amount will be refunded if there is no stain and damage in the room)
Housing fee: 63,000 yen / month
Utility cost: 7,000 yen / month
The actual expenses of heat, light, water will be charged. Residents need to contract Internet by themselves.
(The LAN internet service is provided in community room)
The period of occupancy is 2 years in general. Residents can extend this period once and the maximum period of occupancy is 4 years.


Location: 1-4-11, Edagawa, Koto-ku (10 minutes by walk to Toyosu station of Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)
Structure: RC 6 storey
Single Room: 78 individual rooms (24 square meter)
Facilities: Air-conditioner, Bed, Closet, Compact kitchen unit, Bathroom, Toilet, Washstands, Desk, Chair, Bookshelf
Common Facilities: Community room, Communication space, Courtyard, Parking area for bicycles (one for each resident)
The manager resides in the dormitory and is available during office hours. (Security guard does patrol at nighttime.)

Nearby area

Dorm is located in a quiet area but there is also many tourist spots/shopping malls around Toyosu-the nearest station. Let us introduce parts of that.

  • Convenience and quite nearby environment

    On the way from the nearest station to the dorm, there is the SuperVIVAHOME Toyosu (Vivamall Toyosu). This is a big size shopping center which provides many essential places such as a home supply store on the 1F; super market, pharmacy, restaurant, home appliances store, book store on the 2F.
    You can also take a walk and enjoy night view at the nearby Toyosu Park with grassland next to the bay canal, and water side Harumibashi Park.

    Nearby park information:
    SuperVIVAHOME Toyosu: (in Japanese)

  • Various places for different kinds of entertainment

    There is Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu-a big size shopping complex within walking distance providing all necessities of life. There is also entertainment facilities such as cinema and so on to help student to have rest during busy student life.
    2 station from the nearest Toyosu station, there is the Toyosu Market-on of the biggest market of Tokyo. It is not only the wholesale market but also a place for fish auction observation, gift store, restaurants to enjoy food culture. Fish auction is held in early morning but because of dormitory location, it is very easy to go for observation.

    Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu:
    Toyosu Market: (Japanese page)

  • Culture hub

    Above Toyosu station, there is Toyosu Civic Center providing city hall service, culture center, library and so on making this a local hub. Toyosu Culture Center plays it roles for local community activities and learning promotion by having many culture event and class.
    Toyosu library provides book collection, Wi-Fi service, learning area with special design and terrace for the locals as a space for study.
    Koto City Toyosu Culture Center: (Japanese page)
    Koto City Toyosu Library: (Japanese page)

  • Experiencing Japanese technology and manufacturing

    TeamLab Planets TOKYO is provided by TeamLab-a developer of system and digital contents using modern technology. The place allows us to experience the future, art and technology in a special way.
    i-muse HISTORY MUSEUM belongs to one of the top Japanese manufacturers which has headquarter in Toyosu. The museum introduce Japanese history of manufacturing.

    TeamLab Planets TOKYO:
    i-muse HISTORY MUSEUM:

Application Information

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Dorm visit for applicants is reservation-only.
Please contact the local office to reserve a time slot.
Sophia Edagawa Men's Dormitory Office: 03-3615-8918