Sophia University

Campus Life Education Program and Event in Sophia Dormitories

As dormitories that directly managed by Sophia University, we provide many chances for resident to have exchange and learning via holding different events and programs.
These events vary from one host by the university and by resident themselves in collaboration with local people or organization inside and outside of the university.

Mutual exchange among students

Students is not exchange only in daily life but also through holding events in different time periods such as welcome party at the beginning of the semester, cherry blossom viewing on Spring as well as Christmas party and so on.

Educational program

The dormitories also hold educational programs where residents can easily participate in such as career seminar or workshop about leadership and so on.

Program promoting intercultural understanding

Dormitories also provide chance to learn about Japanese culture and culture of foreign residences coming from different areas in the world.

Exchange with local people and organization

Life of residents is not only limited inside the dormitories but also extends to the local area. Residents is not only joining the events held by local people but also becoming co-organizer for many exchange events.