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Application for Move-in in Autumn Semester, 2019

Additional application for Move-in in Autumn Semester 2019 is updated on June 5th. For any detail, please check "Application Procedures" below.

The application for Sophia-Arrupe International Residence is open as below.
Applicants need to read through the documents below before the application.

Information(273.82 KB) 
Application Procedures(139.39 KB) 
Mission and Vision(162.52 KB) 
Living Group(164.33 KB) 
【Important】Guideline(208.93 KB)【Important】Living Guide(323.40 KB) 
Education Program(114.28 KB) 
■Application form 
Application form (Excel)(363.26 KB)
Application form (PDF)(330.82 KB)
Application form (Example)(450.32 KB)
■Sophia-Arrupe International Residence Viewing
View will be acceped from March, 2019. Please consult with the Center for Student Affairs. (03-3238-4621)

Entrance fee 90,000 yen (One-time payment when moving in)
Housing Fee (Monthly)
*Including utility costs (heat, light and water expenses and internet fees)
95,000 yen


**The maximum period of occupancy is 2 years. Extension of period of stay may be decided after document screening and interview by the Direcort of Center for Student Affairs.
***Residents can access free Wi-fi in each room. Utility costs (heat, light and water expenses and internet fees) is included in housing fee.

■Address: 33-7, Shinanomachi, Shinjuku city, Tokyo
■Living Space
One unit consists of six to seven individual rooms (9 square meter) will be sharing dining kitchen, toilet, shower room. Also common living area will be available on the each floor. Open ceiling space makes possible for students on the different floors to communicate. Also two rooms will be offered with the toilet, shower, and the kitchen for students with disabilities. These rooms are also gender inclusive.
■Manager or staff will be stationed 24/7. No meal is served but residents can use shared kitchen.
Center for Student Affairs, Sophia-Arrupe International Residence Section
 TEL  03-3238-4621  FAX  03-3238-4131