カプツルキェヴィッチ アガタ

Assistant Professor (Department of Management)
BA (Comparative Cultural Studies) Jagiellonian University
MPhil (Modern Japanese Studies) University of Oxford
DPhil (Management) University of Oxford


Message to Prospective Students

Be curious, be critical, be creative. Let’s cherish our diversity, learn from each other, and try to make this world a better and more equal place for all – through rigorous research, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, and responsible business activities.   

Research Interests and Teaching Areas

Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Organization Theory, Strategic Management, Comparative Research 

Selected Works

  • Kapturkiewicz, A., 2021. Varieties of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A comparative study of Tokyo and Bangalore. Research Policy, p.104377. 
  • Kapturkiewicz, A., 2020. An institutional perspective on entrepreneurial ecosystems: variation, evolution, agency in and across organisational fields (Doctoral dissertation, University of Oxford).
  • Toivonen, T. and Kapturkiewicz, A., 2018. (Column 1) New Pathways to Economic Participation? Youth, Labour Policy and Entrepreneurship in Japan. In Japanese Education in a Global Age (pp. 211-218). Springer, Singapore.

Sophia University

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