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Sophia University's Repository for Academic Resources

Sophia University's Repository for Academic Resources

Sophia University Repository for Academic Resources
Request for registering your dissertation with Sophia-R

Sophia-R is a system that collects and stores the research & educational achievements of Sophia University, and provides them to the public gratis. The materials in the Sophia-R can only be used for personal, educational, or research use as prescribed in the Copyright Law.

What is Sophia University's Repository for Academic Resources(Sophia-R)?

・Institutional Repository (IR) is an online locus for collecting, preserving, and disseminating in digital form the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution.
We call our Institutional Repository Sophia-R.
・As of November 2011, 16893 Kiyo articles, 49 journal articles, 11083 dissertations abstracts, 26 research reports are registered in Sophia-R.

What is the advantage of registering dissertations with Sophia-R?

・Since your dissertation can be accessed by search engines such as Google Scholar, CiNii(NII), and OAIster (University of Michigan), its availability to other scholars will improve considerably.
・Since Sophia-R is disseminated free of charge, more researchers access it, and thus the impact of your dissertation will be increased in the academic world.
・It is a new way to publish research output.
・Sophia University stores and preserves permanently your dissertation.

How to register with Sophia-R?

・Please fill out the application form(50.00 KB), and hand it to the library reference staff.
・On being granted the degree, the Library will digitize your dissertation and make it public on Sophia-R via the Internet.

How about copyright?

・Copyright does not change after registration. Rights of author remain.
・ Only the rights of copying and public transmission pass to the Library.

Contact:Sophia University’s IR staff
TEL 03-3238-3055

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