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Research Research Support Organization

Research Support Organization

Research Support Organization

The university has the following to support and assist the researchers in promoting the research activities at Sophia.

The Sophia Science & Technology Liaison Office (SLO)
An organization established in November 2000 in the Faculty of Science and Technology within the Sophia University Science and Technology
Promotion Council (Sophia Sci-Tech). The SLO was established to stimulate education and research activities in the Faculty of Science and Technology and Graduate School of Science and Technology, as well as all-around enhancement of contributions to society.
The SLO does not simply transfer research results to society; rather it serves as a vehicle to link the needs of society with research in the university, by providing information to faculty members and helping to establish links between faculty researchers and outside organizations.

Center for Research Promotion and Support
The center was established in July 2005 with the mission of promotion and advancement of the research activities of all of Sophia University’s faculty members. It also provides assistance to postgraduate students who plan to pursue academic or research careers. In addition, the Center disseminates university-based research to both Japanese and international audiences.
Staff members handle the following operations in support of research activities.

(1) Support for applications for and management of competitive research funds, contracted research and external collaborative research

(2) Preparation and promotion of intellectual property management systems and industry-academia government linkage arrangements

(3) Support for furtherance of comprehensive research activity by the Sophia Research Organization

(4) Surveying the current research situation within the university