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Undergraduate Courses

Utilizing its accumulated knowledge of a broad range of subjects, the University supports the studies of its students at Yotsuya Campus in the heart of Tokyo. Sophia University comprises 8 faculties for undergraduate students and 10 schools for graduate students, as well as 10 affiliated research institutes and centers.

Making use of the advantages of the proximity of its component parts, Sophia's teachers and researchers commonly cross the boundaries between their specialized fields and engage in a host of interdisciplinary activities including cooperative research, the translation and editing of scientific works, the conducting of technology development projects and the hosting of lecture meetings and symposia.
In addition, the interdisciplinary approach is applied througout the university, and Sophia encompasses a total education and research system in which the entire university acts as a single entity in supporting the studies of its students.

Faculty of Theology

The only Catholic-oriented theology faculty in Japan, the faculty holds a special place at Sophia, as the university itself was founded on the ideals of Christian education

Faculty of Humanities

7 departments in philosophy, history, literature, and journalism are offered under this faculty

Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty focuses on the core idea of "the dignity of individuals," offering programs to
cover theoletical as well as practical approaches to policy management, human care, and human science.

Faculty of Law

3 departments under this faculty look at law from different perspectives; application of law in Japan, application of law in international contexts, and in the specialized studies in environmental law

Faculty of Economics

Department of Economics and the Department of Management cover large areas of studies in economic, commerce, and marketing, preparing students for the today's business world.

Faculty of Foreign Studies

The Faculty takes a multi-dimentional approach to the rich and diversified world, aiming not only to produce students strong in languages, but the individuals who can use the languages as tools for better understanding of the world

Faculty of Global Studies

The faculty aims to foster competent individuals well equipped with knowledge and skills as "global professionals" who can contribute to the globalized world.

Faculty of Liberal Arts (Courses are taught in English)

Formerly known as Faculty of Comparative Culture, the faculty offers American-style liberal arts education with programs in social sciences, humanities, international business, and the Japanese language and studies taught in English.

Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures (Courses are taught in English)

New program, taught in English, offers bachelor's degrees in seven fields of study: journalism, education, sociology, economics, management, international relations, and area studies

Faculty of Science and Technology (Program in English is available)

Science and technology programs at Sophia aims to prepare students to tackle the complex problems facing us today, not only through the studies of science, but also by integrating the studies of the humanities and science

Center for Language Education and Research (CLER)

CLER aims to enhance and develop foreign language education so as to enable students to acquire a variety of different language skills and to play an active role in a culturally diverse globalized world

Center for Global Education and Discovery(CGED)

Center for Global Education and Discovery offers various education programs, general education courses, and study abroad opportunities for all students.