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Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities

Goals of the Faculty of Humanities (Bungaku-bu)

(1) To educate the "whole person," who will be devoted to working with others, serving others, and contributing to a better world.

(2) To help open up new prospects for today's international society, by nourishing in our students an intelligence that can grasp the true nature of personal, social, and international situations and use the knowledge to view the world in wider contexts.

(3) To maintain our tradition of small classes and an intimate educational environment. In particular, we stress the concept of cura personalis (Latin for "individual attention") as we strive to promote the personal development of each student.

  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of History
  • Department of Japanese Literature
  • Department of English Literature
  • Department of German Literature
  • Department of French Literature
  • Department of Journalism