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Faculty of Foreign Studies

Faculty of Foreign Studies

The Faculty of Foreign Studies takes a multi-dimentional approach to the rich and diversified world. The curriculum focuses on international society, countries, regions and regional groupings such as the EU. The study of the issues therein requires proficiency in the language of the country or the region involved.

For this reason, the Faculty emphasize intensive training in practical language abilities so that the students become highly proficient in the languages of their choice. The students then use the languages to study topics related to their special interest, such as linguistics, regions, countries, multi-country blocs, or international society.

The goal is not simply to become strong in languages, but rather to master the uses of the languages as tools for better understanding of the world, and for communicating with people as we work together to create better understanding of the world we live in.
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  • Department of English Studies
  • Department of German Studies
  • Department of French Studies
  • Department of Hispanic Studies
  • Department of Russian Studies
  • Department of Luso-Brazilian Studies