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Associate Professor
Language and Literacy Education

B.A., London Guildhall University
DELTA, University of Cambridge
M.A., University of Leicester
Ph.D., University of Toronto

Research and Teaching Interests:
I am an educational researcher interested in how pedagogic theory and practice can inform the teaching and learning in undergraduate rhetoric and composition courses.

Email: chrisharwood[at]
Office: 10-623
Tel: 03-3238-3069

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Harwood, C. (2021). Active blended learning in an undergraduate English for academic purposes program. In B. C. Rodriguez, & A. Armellini (Eds.), Cases on active blended learning in higher education (pp.122-148). IGI Global. http://doi:10.4018/978-1-7998-7856-8.ch007
  • Hirose, K., & Harwood, C. (2019). Factors influencing English as a foreign language (EFL) writing instruction in Japan: a teacher education perspective. In Seloni, L. & Henderson Lee, S (Eds), Second language writing instruction in global contexts: English language teacher preparation and development. (pp.71-90). Multilingual Matters. ISBN 9781788925853
  • Harwood, C. & Blackstone, B (2012) Pedagogical blogging: Enhancing motivation and opportunities for learning within two university-level communities of practice. In M. Kabilan, W.Too & H. Widodo (Eds.), ICT and ELT Research and Practices in South East Asia (pp.181-213). Penerbit Universiti, Malaysia. ISBN 978-983-861-5631
  • Blackstone, B., & Harwood, C. (2011). Pedagogical blogging for university courses. Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives: Reflections and Practice in ELT (Selected Papers from the Third CELC Symposium for English language teachers), Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore. ISBN 978-981-08-9008-7

Journal Articles

  • Harwood, C., & Koyama, D. (2020). Creating a virtual writing center to support self-regulated learning, Studies in Self-Access Learning, 11(3), 164–186.
  • Harwood, C., & Lai, C. (2017). Linguistic capital: Language medium of instruction policy in Hong Kong. Language Problems and Language Planning, 41(2), 159-167
  • Harwood, C. (2017). The article system in English: some implications for the Japanese EFL classroom. Mulberry, No 67, 37-49. PDF
  • Harwood, C. (2017). Politeness and university student online communication. The Journal of the Faculty of Foreign Studies Aichi Prefectural University, No 49, 35-45.ISSN 13420992 PDF
  • Harwood, C. (2014). Personal learning environments: Using symbalooEDU in learning English for academic purposes. ESP Today, 2(2), 199-215. E-ISSN-2334-9050 PDF
  • Harwood, C. & Blackstone, B (2012) Using Facebook to extend learning into students’ digital lives. English Language Teaching World Online, Vol.4. ISSN 1793-8732 PDF
  • Harwood, C. (2010). Using blogs to practice grammar editing skills. English Language Teaching World Online, Vol.2. ISSN 1793-8732 PDF


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