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The academic purposes of this faculty include cultivating in our students comprehensive and objective understanding of Christianity. By obtaining ethical and cultural sensitivity based on Christian values, students will gain an ability to analyze problems that the world is facing including ethical issues and cultural frictions, and problem solving skills based on a Christian perspective. The faculty, as a part of a Catholic university, aims to contribute to Catholic churches in Japan and other Asian countries academically and intellectually and develop capable human resources who thrive domestically and internationally.

In addition to provision of ethical and cultural education based on Christian values, development of professionals including Catholic priests, clerks and believers and religious educators is one of the important missions of the faculty.

In order to pursue these academic purposes, the faculty provides integrated undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums that enable students to learn theology in a comprehensive manner. The faculty delivers education based on the fundamental understandings of theology in the field of Christian ethics and culture. The courses give students exposure to the current issues of the world. The faculty also provides elective courses to develop interdisciplinary human resources with a broad vision.