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Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty of Human Sciences

The academic goals of the faculty are to cultivate the spirit to value the dignity of individuals and to develop human resources who contribute to its realization. It aims to cultivate in our students comprehensive judgment and scientific intelligence, which consists of “human science (scientific knowledge)”,”policy management (knowledge of policy and administration)” and “human care (clinical knowledge)”. The department provides specialized education on the basis of a holistic liberal arts education to produce graduates with specialized skills and knowledge to support others. The educational purposes of the faculty includes:

(1) To deepen understanding of humanities based on Christian and Catholic values and to foster character building to realize the universal values of mankind.
(2) To promote interdisciplinary education and research on pedagogy, psychology, sociology and study of social welfare from an unprecedented comprehensive perspective that only the university can provide.
(3) To nourish human resources who proactively contribute to the design and policy making to support others.
(4) To cultivate comprehensive and specialized knowledge and practical skills necessary to build human relations and a desirable vision of society, and to broaden understandings of others from global perspectives.

Today, our society is facing various problems. The faculty aims to develop human resources who will contribute to policy designing and policy making in relation to human support and clinical support. Development of these human resources is a need of society and the mission of the faculty.

Department of Education

In this department, we study various issues concerning education and human beings and conduct comprehensive researches with educational interests. Through its curriculum, the department aims to develop human resources who truly understand the role and meaning of education that values human dignity. We nurture a sense and an ability of students to be able to analyze educational phenomena throughout lives of human beings and to obtain a broad understanding on education. For these purposes, we help students develop their research abilities and practical skills, and equip them with credentials to flexibly address educational issues. Moreover, we expect students to develop their capacities to be able to work in the global environments, particularly with strong inquiring minds who are interested in different cultures and societies and concern about the importance of international cooperation through education in order to challenge various global issues.

Department of Psychology

Psychology is a study which values human dignity and takes a scientific approach to the human mind. In order to build a better life, it is important to comprehend how your own mind works and be able to observe the minds of others calmly but with a warm attitude. This also means reassessing psychological and social problems and changes in society that are increasing with the times. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to broaden our knowledge about human science and to obtain an ability to synthesize it. It is imperative to cultivate people with global views who observe the culture and the society we live in, and reassess their own values and relations with others with true understanding of people. The department strives to cultivate an ability to explore the human mind, and to develop human resources with the broad perspectives necessary to capture the human mind.

Department of Sociology

Sociology is a study that aspires for the realization of a fair and free society that forms a foundation of human dignity. The academic purposes of the department include analysis of mechanisms that create inequality and inequity, and pursuit of a social system that enables coexistence of different values and lifestyles. In accordance with these purposes, the department offers a curriculum to obtain theoretical and practical skills and knowledge necessary in the real world. The research deals with various social groups and social systems from micro to macro (family, organization, colony ,nation etc) that people belong to from their birth to their death, and analyze them from the perspective of interrelation of society and people. In order to pursue these purposes, the department values global views and humanity and strives to nourish in our students an ability to analyze new social events and social problems in a wider context. Our goal is to produce human resources who contribute to the establishment and implementation of policies from a constructive perspective.

Department of Social Services

Social services are essential in establishing a society right for the 21st century, which stresses human dignity. It is necessary to step out of traditional social services that are beset with problems, and to establish local, domestic, and global societies that value the dignity of individuals. Thus our mission is to produce human resources who can cater to these needs. More specifically, the department aims to develop human resources who contribute to clinical welfare that directly support the realization of welfare in society which values human dignity, and those who contribute in the field of policy making, operations and research of social welfare. In order to achieve this, the department offers a curriculum to cultivate extensive knowledge and specialized skills necessary to play a leading role in the community and in the field of private and public welfare.

Department of Nursing

Our department aims to offer nursing education that will help students develop academic interest in a wide range of fields and acquire extensive knowledge to face the changes and diversity of society as a self-directed, flexible person. The course offers cultural and intellectual exercises to learn basic knowledge needed to understand specialized studies and to develop creativity and flexible thinking. Also, the department aims to enhance human qualities and develop world citizens capable of coping with every issue and meeting the need of every user. To achieve the goal, we offer integrated study of human caring that offers the most appropriate high quality nursing in every situation and of human understanding and dignity based on Christian humanism. The students will learn to develop sensitivity and become caring and flexible in their service to others. Basic skills will be taught in the specialized and related fields where students are expected to play leading roles. Students will develop learning abilities to promote self-enhancement to face the environmental changes.