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Graduate Programs

Ten Graduate Schools Open Great Prospects for a Wonderful Career

Sophia University's ten graduate schools offer 27 pre-doctorate (master's) programs, 26 doctorate programs, and one juris doctor program (Law School). Our graduate schools provide an ideal environment for scholastic pursuits, offering ample global academic exchange opportunities, allowing the transfer of credits obtained at other universities. As graduate-school attendance rates continue to rise, Sophia continue to offer superlative training both for those interested in academic careers and for those interested in pursuing high-level professions such as clinical psychology and law.

Graduate School of Theology

One of the most important academic institutions in Catholic theology in Japan, the programs offer different courses for the individuals to study different aspects of theology such as the study of the Bible, Systematic theology course to educate Catholic priests, and Christian ethics and culture courses on poimenics.

Graduate School of Humanities

The programs in history, literature, and journalism seek to develop the human potential and global outlook for the student with a solid academic basis

Graduate School of Applied Religious Studies

Graduate School of Human Sciences (Master's & Doctoral Programs in Education available in English instructions)

The programs in this school take an interdisciplinary approach to education and research related to the studies of the human sciences.
The theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences gained at this program will help foster a person who understands the importance of the respect for the others.

Graduate School of Law

The school consist of MA and PhD. programs in law, as well as the professional law school.
While the main focus at law school is on the attainment of practical legal skills, the University's principles of Christian humanism underlie the entire process, as we work to produce professionals who will contribute to society in a wide range of areas.

Graduate School of Economics

The programs are designed for students to acquire the skills to study modern important economic issues

Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics (Including Master's Program in Linguistics(TESOL) taught in English)

Programs in linguistics are offered under this school. Linguistics programs aim to produce researchers of the language disability or hearing problems.
In addition, the Master's Program in Linguistics(TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)) offers an extensive program in teaching English to Japanese students at MA level.

Graduate School of Global Studies (Program in English is available)

The school offers four programs: International Relations, Area Studies, Global Studies and International Cooperation studies. The school applies an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to the study of global issues, such as ethnicity, food supplies, population, environment, immigration, and the advancement of information technology in order to deepen the understanding and to find solutions.

Graduate School of Science and Technology (Program in English is available)

The school aims to foster well-educated professionals who can anticipate the risk or the impact of the modern science and technology on society and/or global environment

Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (Program in English is available)

The school is devoted to creating graduates equipped to serve effectively as business persons, specialists, or scholars in the area of environmental protection.