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Graduate School of Law

Graduate School of Law

The aim of this program is to study various realistic problems that individual legal areas confront. Effort focuses on finding answers to confrontations of modern society, such as environmental issues, promoting free exchange between studies on law and their application in the real world. The Master's Program accepts students already employed in the job market.

  • Master's (Doctoral) Program in Law
Juris Doctor Program (Law School)

Law school trains students for careers as judges, prosecutors, and private attorneys. While the main focus is on the attainment of practical legal skills, the University's principles of Christian humanism underlie the entire process, as we work to produce professionals who will contribute to society in a wide range of areas. Accordingly, the program includes instruction in legal ethics, in basic jurisprudence, and in related topics.

The school offers a wide range of courses in international law, in the laws of foreign countries, and in environmental law, as we seek to turn out graduates who can participate effectively on the international scene and who can contribute to the solution of the world's growing environmental problems.