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News NHK World TV “J-MELO” interviewed students of Global Competency Program.

NHK World TV “J-MELO” interviewed students of Global Competency Program.

An interview crew of “J-MELO” broadcasted on NHK World TV, visited a class of our “Practical Program in Global Media” in which students study and discuss about transmitting information to the world and international understanding through producing TV programs; the course belongs to the Global Competency Program (GCP) ※ which is intended to help students acquire practical and sophisticated cultural knowledge. J-MELO is a TV show introducing Japanese music in English broadcasted to over 150 countries and regions in the world.

On June 17th, the students of the class held in the TV center studio of Sophia University were interviewed by the music show host, Ms. May J. She asked the students “how Japanese music can be spread to a wider audience” or “what message they wish to send out to the world”. While a tense atmosphere of recording filled the room, the students talked with Ms. May J. and discussed how Japanese culture can be introduced through music, movies, fashion and anime.

Also, students were able to have a first-hand experience of the process of creating and setting up a show at the actual scene of producing a show headed by chief producer Nobuyuki Harada, a graduate of Sophia University.

Towards the end of class, Ms. May J talked about “trying to serve as a bridge between Japan and the world through her activities as host of J-MELO and an artist”. The students were greatly inspired in the pursuit of their career in the media industry and journalism.

The interview will be broadcasted as follows:

Overseas: NHK World TV: Monday, August 15, 0:10、6:10、12:30、18:30 (JST)

In Japan: NHK BS Premium: Saturday, August 20, midnight 26:40~ 【Sunday, Aug. 21 early hours】

NHK World TV “J-MELO” Website:

Global Competency Program (GCP) is:

A cross-departmental program offered by Center for Global Discovery. The program is intended to develop abilities to cope with globalization by offering unique courses of practical and high-level contents, and by providing opportunities for hands-on experience of internship and voluntary activities. Four courses (International Cooperation, Global Business, Global Media, and Global Action) are available for students to choose for the expertise and career they wish to develop and pursue.