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News Global Competency Program -introduction of joint courses with JIB TV (Japan International Broadcasting Inc.)

Global Competency Program -introduction of joint courses with JIB TV (Japan International Broadcasting Inc.)

Global Competency Program ※ offers “Global Media Hands-on Program” in Spring Semester 2016. Professor Yoshihiro Oto, Director of Department of Journalism, coordinates the course, with Mr. Yuuichi Akatsu, Director of Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB) as a visiting lecturer. Students will study and discuss about transmitting information to the world and international understanding through producing TV programs. The course is available for selected students interested in the media and journalism industry, enrolled in third year or above. With thorough guidance from Producer Satomi Iwasaki from JIB, several guest lecturers with careers and expertise in media also give practical guidance on producing TV programs.

For the class of May 20th, Mr. Thomas Gibbon, an outside attorney of NHK/NHK World TV and the head of a law firm in Washington, DC, gave a lecture. It was also open to the public and besides the students the lecture was packed with about 50 people.

Mr. Gibbon talked and commented on the background to the huge expansion of television/video viewers on the Internet caused by the rapid rise of contents providers of on-demand programs compared to the conventional television programs, satellite broadcasting and cable television

Attentive students listening to the lecture of Mr. Gibbon
Attentive students listening to the lecture of Mr. Gibbon

He went on to tell that NHK World TV also should actively use the Internet for distribution of programs as well as contribute to deliver the conventional television programs to the viewers who have no broad band environment. Students listened attentively to his clear comments on the trends and issues of international broadcasting.

On June 24th, we had as visiting lecturer, Prof. Daniel Rosen of Chuo University, an adviser of English language at NHK engaged in rewriting English scripts. Prof. Dan has been engaged in journalism for ten years and later his studies focused on law related to media. After coming to Japan, he taught at various universities and from 1998 plays an active role as English adviser at NHK. Prof. Dan showed how to rewrite the English scripts written by the students, and how the range of expression can be extended by the choice and use of the words to go with the videos. He advised to avoid using as far as possible monotonous narration that sounded like explanatory texts, and instead, to give surprises to the viewers by using short witty metaphors (hidden message). Students were thrilled to experience the moment when the rewrites by Prof. Dan breathed new life into the pictures.

Prof. Dan gives guidance mixed with occasional Japanese
Prof. Dan gives guidance mixed with occasional Japanese

On July 1st, we had as visiting lecturer, Ms. Yuko Aotani, free-lance announcer and English communication instructor and reciter.

Ms. Aotani is a graduate of Sophia University, Department of French Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies. After graduation, she was active as news anchor at NHK World, the international broadcasting of NHK, for twenty years and, at the same time, she was in charge of planning, producing and staging radio program introducing Japanese literature to the world in English. In February 2015 she became a free-lance and now presents various works to the world reciting in English.

Ms. Aotani with the students
Ms. Aotani with the students

In the class, Ms. Aotani recorded the narration rewritten by Prof. Dan in the previous class. Students gave the “cue” signal to start the narration to Ms. Aotani in the announcer booth, gave instructions to her for the tone of the voice, and, as the tension mounted, the English narration reached a completed stage.

After the recording, Ms. Aotani talked about the days of her experience as NHK announcer. She told the students about the knowledge and skills of an announcer acquired only through actual experiences such as sorting out information from the same piece of news to suit the viewers in and outside Japan, and the differences between newscaster for overseas broadcast and domestic announcer. Students were excited to listen to first-hand experiences.

Global Competency Program (GCP) is:

A cross-departmental program offered by Center for Global Discovery. The program is intended to develop abilities to cope with globalization by offering unique courses of practical and high-level contents, and by providing opportunities for hands-on experience of internship and voluntary activities. Four courses (International Cooperation, Global Business, Global Media, and Global Action) are available for students to choose for the expertise and career they wish to develop and pursue.