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News 【IMPORTANT NOTICE】Information on COVID-19


This page is to provide the information relating to COVID-19 Infection for members of Sophia Community.

As of now followings are the latest information available. You may return to this page for all updates.

Contact information during the period of restriction of campus entry

Please make sure to report Sophia University Health Center (03-3238-3394) if diagnosed of suspicion or infection of the virus.
∗ How to report when infected with COVID-19 (for students, faculty and staff members)

Latest Announcements

  1. For Current Students (Updated on August 6)
  2. For Guarantors (Updated on July 10)
  3. For Faculty and Staff Members (Updated on August 4)
  4. About Events, etc. (Updated on July 1)

*りゅうがくせいのみなさんへ For International Students(やさしいにほんごのぶんしょうでおしらせしています)(55.87 KB) (Updated on July 17, 2020)

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