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Sophia University receives highest score in midterm assessment for MEXT Top Global University Project

On February 28, Sophia University received the highest score “S” (evaluated in five point scale S to D) for the effort in promoting the project initiative “Creating a Global Campus with Multiple Hub Functions and Supportive Governance” by MEXT (Ministry Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Top Global University Project midterm assessment.

Among 37 selected universities for the project, 6 received the highest score with a claim “excellent progress made with positive outlook to reach designated project goals.”

Upon release of the assessment President Yoshiaki Terumichi commented “It is such an honor to earn such a score for our effort. I am certain this is a great encouragement for our faculty members and staffs and their confidences will be increased. An initiative for this project serves as an important guideline for our globalization policy and it is actively in conjunction with the Grand Layout 2.0, our long term plan. More than five years remain before the completion of the project and we are now facing crucial period to achieving our goals in terms of the numbers as well as executing new policies. We promise to continue trying our best to bring our plans and concepts to realities one by one with flexible and bold manner and to staying sensitive to needs and demands of students as well as the society.”

In 2014, MEXT Top Global University Project kicked off with an aim to support higher educational institutions of Japan that strive in reforming personnel and education systems as well as enhancing educational systems to help students developing the ability to act globally in order to enhance and deepen interactions and partnerships with the world’s top universities. We are selected as Type B: Global Traction Type.

Midterm assessment results may be viewed on the following webpages.

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