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News "Humans of Sophia"

Group of Faculty of Liberal Arts students established the community "Humans of Sophia" inspired by renowned "Humans of New York"

Group of Faculty of Liberal Arts students established the community “Humans of Sophia” inspired by renowned “Humans of New York” to share stories of Sophians. It is where you find real life and real voice of fellow students as well as professors of our university.

One of founders, Ms. Mariri Niino (FLA 2nd year)shared the path of establishing such a community as follows

How did you first come to a decision to start such a project?

Jiye Oh (Co-founder) and I spent last summer engaged in different programs which gave us the initial spark to start our project. I traveled to Cameroon as part of the “Learn From Africa” program at Sophia where I actively engaged in discussion with the students and UNICEF officials. and discovered the value of asking questions. Jiye, on the other hand, attended a UN scholar Symposium in Bangkok where she was inspired and empowered by listening to young representatives of NGOs and CEOs and felt that she too could do something for her community back home.  
When we had gotten back to start the new semester, we enrolled in the Oral Digital Narratives class taught by Professor Slater. On the very first day, we learned the importance of capturing “real voices” of Tokyo. It was then that our ideas were solidified. We were going to establish a group focused on interviewing people on campus. Humans of Sophia takes its inspiration from Humans of NewYork, a renowned platform where a photographer shares snapshots of unique individuals living in NYC and tells their stories

Aims for this project

Humans of Sophia aims to share powerful stories of beautiful individuals here at our own university to act as a bridge among students and professors across different faculties. We hope that this platform will serve to provide both international and national prospective students with a clearer image of our university. Ultimately, we aspire to collect the real voices of Sophia University, to connect and to inspire powerful individuals on campus.

Any challenges you have faced so far?

Towards the beginning, we were afraid because we were a young group of students, that we would struggle with low credentials but we decided to launch our project regardless. Because our team consists of amateur editors and interviewers, we are looking for ways to ask adequate questions needed to bring out the different personalities and stories of individuals. In these ways, we realize that our project is far from the professional level of Humans of New York, but we are constantly looking to improve. Although we have been able to accumulate around 500 followers in the span of 2 months, the biggest challenge, as of now, is reaching out to a broader audience.

Humans of Sophia facebook page