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Personal Information Management

Personal Information Management

The personal information of students who have been accepted to the University and their guarantors is provided to Sophia University on such documents as the Application Forms.
This information including names, addresses, dates of birth and other personal data shall be used by Sophia University solely for administrative purposes. Such administrative services include management of enrollment, guidance and assistance on academic matters and campus life, and sending out notices and announcements to the students and the guarantors as follows:

  1. Creating academic data records for all students on their entry to the University
  2. Management of enrollment and academic matters
  3. Support for student activities, student welfare, financial aid, student life
  4. Information on tuition and fees
  5. Management and use of on-campus facilities
  6. Sophia University Supporter’s Association (Parents’ Association) and Sophia University Alumni Association
  7. Requests for donations
  8. Administrative notices sent out to students and guarantors

The Sophia School Corporation will take protective measures to prevent any leakage, outflow or unauthorized use of personal information Sophia University has obtained. If personal information is released for outsourcing, Sophia University shall have the contractor sign an agreement for appropriate handling of such information.
Sophia University requests the support and understanding from the guarantors for academic and individual guidance of students. Sophia University may consider it necessary to disclose information to the guarantors such as academic grades and class attendance when they consult with guarantors about the academic performance of the students. If a student does not wish to have information such as academic grades disclosed to the guarantor, he/she should contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

N.B. If the student is under age, such information may be disclosed to the guarantor with or without the approval of the student.