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Professor Takeshi Kawasaki, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of German Studies receives Philipp Franz von Siebold Prize

(From Left) President Schwarz of Alxander von Humbolt Foundation, President Gauck of Germany, Professor Kawasaki/Photo by Kyoto University

Professor Takeshi Kawasaki of Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of German Studies received Philipp Franz von Siebold Prize 2016. On Nov 17, the award ceremony was held at Kyoto University receiving the prize from President Joachim Gauck of Germany.
Established on 1979, the Siebold Prize has been given to Japanese researchers who contribute to improve mutual understanding of culture and society of Japan and German.

Professor Kawasaki received the prize in recognition of his outstanding analysis on the mechanisms in German parties that produce political elites. President Gauck congratulated Professor Kawasaki’s achievement and his long time contribution.

“I am honored that my long years of researches and field works in Germany were valued. I will continue to enhance my studies on Political Science as well as German Studies to contribute to the relation between Japan and Germany.” Professor Kawasaki commented.

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