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Sophia University welcomes delegates of “KAKEHASHI Project” from George Washington University in Washington DC

Professor Madden

On January 25, we welcomed delegates of “Kakehashi Project” from George Washington University at Yotsuya Campus. The members included Professor Meggan Madden and 11 graduate students studying international education. Vice President Miki Sugimura and Professor Noriko Ishii of Department of English Studies as well as 7 students who are also chosen as delegates to visit George Washington University in March attended the meeting.

Group discussion

After everyone introduced themselves, Vice President Miki Sugimura welcomed all members. In her presentation, she spoke of current globalization of Japanese higher institutions as well as Sophia University. In mentioning the linkages between Sophia and higher institutions of neighboring Asian countries, she expressed her wish for the young generation who are educated now will bring the harmony in the future to the political unrest of today. Following Professor Noriko Ishii of Department of English Studies also gave a speech. After graduating from Sophia, she received Master and Doctor Degree in American Studies from George Washington University. With such a background she expressed her joy of serving as “KAKEHASHI”- the bridge between two universities literary.

A photo of everyone

The presentation given by Professor Madden was regarding internationalization of the higher institutions in regards to international organizations as well as regional organizations. The situation of Vietnam receiving large funding from World Bank was introduced and current internalization taking place in higher education there was presented.

Naoki Takemura of third year at Doctoral Program at Graduate School of Human Science also gave a presentation comparing early childhood education of Japan and America. In open discussion the variety of topics were raised from the recruitment systems to the special education in higher institutions in comparison between Japan and America.

All delegates look forward to their meeting again at George Washington University in March.


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