Student voices

Whenever a class period finishes at Sophia, a sea of students surge the campus’ main street. The road becomes instantly cramped, crowded, chaotic. Each side is occupied with lines of people walking in opposite directions. In my experience, within crossing that ocean of humanity, you will always find a familiar face — someone to smile and bow your head to. The university is not a very large one and that is possibly what I love most about it: the community you are immersed in is one that is incredibly close and strikingly supportive. In the FLA, you have the opportunity to engage with every one of your classmates; you feel less intimidated when vocalizing your thoughts in class; your professors actually learn your name. When you have such a strong and present network of support, you feel really motivated to study and do your very best. The FLA has that and I feel supremely privileged to have benefitted from it.

Sophia University

For Others, With Others