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Admissions After you Apply

Results, Matriculation, Credits, Visa and Housing

After you apply, you will find out the result and go about the entrance procedures once you win admission.

Notice of Results

Applicants can confirm their acceptance/rejection on "MyPage" via the on-line application portal from 10:00 a.m. (JST) on the results-notice date (See When and How to Apply ).


  • Sophia University will not disclose the results of an application by telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Acceptance is valid only for the semester specified in the letter of acceptance.
  • No physical materials (including a letter of acceptance) will be sent to applicants from the Sophia Admissions Office.
  • A list of applicants on the waiting list may be released at the same time as the notice of results. These applicants will be admitted to enroll at Sophia if and when there is a vacancy. 

Entrance Procedures

To secure admission, a newly admitted student must pay the fees listed below prior to university entrance and submit the necessary forms to the Sophia Admissions Office by the deadlines. (See When and How to Apply )

The process would be as follows:
1. Click "Entrance Procedures" on "My Page" to download the booklet of "Entrance Procedures."
Please read through all the information and follow the instructions in this booklet to secure admission.
2. Choose the program to start entering the required information and upload a face photo online.
3. Print out the designated documents (payment slip for payment in Japan, Student Record / Pledge).
4. Complete the payment of the fees and post mail the required documents by the matriculation deadline.

The fees due prior to university entrance include some items paid only once at the time of matriculation, and other items which are the first installment of fees due each semester or year. For details, refer to Fees and Aids.

The fees due prior to university entrance 2020 for Liberal Arts

Entrance Fee  200,000 yen
Tuition Fee  499,000 yen
 Semester Enrollment Fee  30,000 yen
 Education Enhancement Fee  125,000 yen
 Premium for Personal Accident
Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Reserch
 2,650 yen(freshmen)
 14,00 yen(transfer students)
 Total fees for freshmen  856,650 yen
 Totoal fees for transfer students  855,400 yen


  • Tuition fees are revised annually based on the rate of inflation.
  • Education Enhancement Fee for the second semester on is 105,000 yen.
  • The fees due prior to University entrance are not refundable. However, if a student notifies Sophia University of his/her intention not to attend by the appointed deadline, these fees, with the exception of the Entrance Fee and a handling charge, may be refunded. For details, please refer to the “Entrance Procedures” leaflet.

Transfer of Credits and Residency Time

Students who have studied at other universities before entering Sophia University may be eligible to transfer credits and residency time. There are two categories for transferring credits and residency.

A. Transfer of Credits and Residency Time for Students Admitted as Transfer Students:
As a general rule, a transfer student must have completed at least two years of university/college work as a regular student at another institution before entering Sophia. A transfer student may transfer a two-year period of time in residence at his/her previous university/college. The number of credits to be transferred should not exceed half of the required number of credits for graduation. Application for transfer of credits should be made within three months of entering Sophia University. The syllabus of each subject must be attached with the application.

B. Transfer of Credits Earned before Entering as a Freshman:
Students who have earned credits at another university before entering as a freshman may transfer up to 30 credits. Students using this system may transfer credits, but not residency time. Application for transfer of credits should be made within three months of entering Sophia University. The syllabus of each subject must be attached with the application.

Early Graduation

To qualify for early graduation a student must complete at least three years (six semesters) of study, complete all credits required for graduation, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above. The FLA faculty meeting will review and decide upon applications for early graduation.

Visa Status and Housing

Visa Status
Students coming from abroad to study at Sophia University must have a college student status of residence or any other appropriate status of residence such as a diplomatic, official, or dependent status. A temporary visitor status is not acceptable. To qualify for a college student status of residence, a student is required to register for at least 10 hours of class time (equals to 6 classes) per week. Additional information concerning college student status of residence will be sent to each student after acceptance.

Sophia University has several off-campus dormitories and offers affiliated housing options. For more information, please refer to "Housing".

Request for Withdrawal

The refund policy will be notified in the booklet of entrance prcodure sent out to admitted students.

If you decide to withdraw, please use the form provided below.
Form of Request for Refund (PDF) (42.55 KB)
Form of Request for Refund (Word)(19.87 KB)