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Admissions Summer Session in Japanese Language

Summer Session in Japanese Language

Welcome to Sophia University Summer Session in East Asian Studies and Japanese Language

Until 2017, over the years, we have offered 6 week Summer Session for Japanese Language and 3 week Summer Session in Asian Studies. From 2018, we will launch a new summer program: Summer Session in East Asian Studies and Japanese Language. It consists of Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2. These are a four-week academic program each. This program provides participants with opportunities to take part in an East Asian studies program and an intensive Japanese language program in both sessions.

You will find the information on the Japanese Language program in this website.

Note: Applicants can't apply for both the Japanese Language course and East Asian Studies course at the same time.
We recommend they take the Japanese Language course in Session 1 and the East Asian Studies course in Session 2 or vice versa.

The Japanese Language program was introduced in 2013. The 4 week session is tailored for students who want to improve their Japanese language abilities in an intensive program in Japan. Students will study Japanese at a beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced level in an international environment at Sophia University. To further enhance the effectiveness of Japanese language acquisition, students will have opportunities to practice their language skills or experience the different culture through some outside-of-class activities with no or a small amount of extra cost. You will have the opportunity to engage in excellent East Asian studies and Japanese Language, as well as meeting students from around the globe. We look forward to welcoming you to Sophia University and your summer abroad experience in Tokyo.

===>For the Summer Session 2018 flyer, Click here(9.98 MB) .