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Admissions Application


Complete the online application. We only accept online application.

Note: Applicants can't apply for both the Japanese Language course and East Asian Studies course at the same time.
We recommend to take the Japanese Language course in Session 1 and the East Asian Studies course in Session 2 or vice versa. The summer Japanese language course in Session 1 is not in conjunction with the course in Session 2 so we don't recommend taking Japanese Language courses in both the Session 1 and 2. It is likely that you will be placed in the same level in both sessions as your class level is determined according to the score of the placement test you take during the application period. For example, being placed in Level 1 in Session 1 does not mean you can move automatically to Level 2 in Session 2.

Admission Schedule


Session 1 Deadline

Session 2 Deadline


Registration /

Online Application Period

February. 12 (Wed.) March. 24 (Sun.), 2019

*All the required documents should be submitted during the application period.

Acceptance Notification

By April 5 (Fri.), 2019


Payment of Program Fee

1 week from the screening result notification.

(The Latest)  April. 12 (Fri.), 2019

The sooner you pay the program fee, the sooner you can select courses

Submission of necessary Visa information

As soon as your payment is confirmed.

(The Latest)  April. 22 (Mon.), 2019

*Eligible applicants only

Course Selection

As soon as your payment is confirmed.

(The Latest)  April. 30 (Tue), 2019


Submission of Language Buddy application form

As soon as your payment is confirmed.

(The Latest)  April. 30 (Tue), 2019

*Japanese Language Courses  <Japanese Intensive> only

Cancellation with Full Refund

May. 9 (Thu) 2019

June.7 (Fri.) 2019


Welcome Packet Download Notification

Mid- May, 2019

Mid-June, 2019


Session start dates

June. 10 (Mon.), 2019

July. 8 (Mon.), 2019


Receiving transcripts

By the end of August

By the end of September


> Admission Schedule for East Asian Studies Course

More information on the admission schedule can be found here:
Admission Flow(364.20 KB)


An applicant must:

  1. Be an undergraduate student and currently enrolled in an college / university outside of Japan.
  2. Submit the following documentation to apply for the program.

  1. An OFFICIAL Academic transcript from the applicant’s home institution.
    The minimum GPA requirement is 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.
    *Note: The following applicants are not eligible.
    ・ High school students
    ・ Applicants who are not able to submit their official university transcripts. (High school transcripts are not regarded as application documents.)

    *If the official original transcript is not written in English, submit an official transcript written in the language of origin and an official English translation of the original transcript.
  2. Grading Scale
  3. 4cm by 3cm Color headshot (taken within the last 3 months)
  4. Scanned copy of your current Passport pages showing passport number and face photo
  5. J-CAT (a Japanese Language Competency Test) Score report.
    See Placement test page for details.

Note: Applicants who take the Japanese Language course only are not required to submit the English proficiency test score, however, they need a certain level of English proficiency to keep up with classes.

*In case your official transcript must be sent to us directly from your school, it must be received by the application deadline and sent to:

Postal Mailing Address

Email Address

Center for Global Education & Discovery
Sophia University, Bldg. #2, 1F
7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-8554 Japan

All documentation must be submitted by Sunday, 24 March 2019. Late applications will not be considered.

Selection Process

Applications will be evaluated by Sophia Short-term program committee based on the submitted documents.

Notice of Acceptance

The result of the screening will be sent via email.
Session 1 & Session 2: By April 5

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