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Admissions January Session in Japanese Studies

January Session in Japanese Studies

Welcome to Sophia University January Session in Japanese Studies.

The aim of this program is to invite university students from outside Japan and create a stimulating learning environment for promoting globalization and diversity.

The program consists of 5 courses: “Japanese Business and Economy”, “Education in Japan”, “Media and contemporary issues in Japan”, “Contemporary Japanese Culture & Society”, and “Basic Japanese (Beginner level)”. Among those courses, students take a minimum of two. Each course consists of fourteen 100-minute sessions, and participants will learn about aspects of Japan comprehensively and intensively in 4 weeks. Other than class lectures, some cultural events are offered with no or a small amount of extra cost. (Events may be cancelled, and the number of participants may be limited.) This program is designed in such a way that the participants will be able to learn about and experience Japan both inside and outside classes.

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