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Short-term Programs

Sophia University offers January session and short-term summer study abroad programs. At Sophia University’s campus in the heart of Tokyo, the program participants directly experience many aspects of Japanese culture and society and witness the myriad ways in which the cultures of the world are reflected in the maze-like urban landscape of Tokyo.
The programs also enable participants to look at Japan from many different perspectives.

The faculty themselves come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and while some students from Sophia’s Faculty of Liberal Arts attend the session, the majority of participants come from a variety of different countries. The programs thus offer a rare opportunity for Japanese students and non-Japanese students from abroad to gather to study, discuss, and reflect on Japan’s role in the world.
As for the Summer Session in Japan Asian Studies, over 11,000 students from around the globe have attended the programs over the years, and many have gone on to pursue exciting careers related to Japan.

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Summer Session in East Asian Studes
Summer Session in East Asian Studes

Summer Session in Japanese Language

January Session in Japanese Studies