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Admissions Japanese Placement Test (J-CAT)

Japanese Placement Test (J-CAT)

In 2020 & 2021, Summer Session in Japanese Language has been cancelled.

For your reference, this page shows the information of the course in 2020 for student recruitment before the course cancellation.

J-CAT (a Japanese Language Competency Test)

All Applicants must take a Japanese Language Competency Test for class placement and upload the score report when applying online.

*Note that those who have never studied Japanese before need not to take the test. However, you are instructed to claim your Japanese proficiency as you have “no Japanese learning experience”.
*If you don’t upload the placement test score, you will be placed in the beginner class.

Please register and take the J-CAT test as soon as possible. In order to take the test, you need to register at the J-CAT website and get a password. Please keep in mind that it takes 72 hours to receive the password.

How to take J-CAT placement test and upload the score report:

1. Click on the link below and register.

  • Click on "個人受験”and fill in the blanks to register.
  • You will receive your password by email in a few days.

2. Log in and take the test.

As you complete the test, your score will be displayed.
Download the score and upload it.

*Since you can take the test only once, start it when you have at least 90 minutes of free time. Prepare the earphone set at hearing section if necessary.

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