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Admissions Program Information

Program Information

In 2021, Summer Session in East Asian Studies will be held ONLINE due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Monday, June 14 – Thursday, July 1, 2021

Number of Students


*The program will be cancelled when we have fewer than 40 participants.

*If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, we will conduct strict examination of the applications and participants will be decided within the capacity. In order to maintain the diversity of participants, the number of participants from one university might be limited. In that case please understand that there is some possibility that some cannot participate even if they meet the criteria.

Eligible Applicant

A current student or graduate of a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree program outside of Japan, not only Sophia partner institutions but also others.

* Detailed requirement can be referred to How to Apply

Program Fee

East Asian Studies Courses <1 Course> 58,300 yen
East Asian Studies Courses <2 Courses> 106,600 yen
East Asian Studies Courses <3 Courses> 154,900 yen

*Even if you cancel 1 course after the payment is made, there will be no refund for the difference.
*It includes tuition only. The cost of textbooks is not included


The payment instruction will be announced in the acceptance message of screening result.

Payment must be made by credit card (VISA/ MasterCard) or PayPal.

*To secure your place, proceed to the payment as soon as possible. The place in programs will be allocated in order of receipt of the program fee. The deadline for the payment is one week from the day the acceptance message is sent.

*If you don’t make a payment by the deadline, you will possibly lose your spot.

Refund Policy

There is no refund available.

Tuition Waiver

Sophia University receives short-term exchange students based on the student exchange agreements. Students who are interested in a tuition waiver need to ASK THEIR STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR ABOUT THEIR ELIGIBILITY TO BE AN EXCHANGE STUDENT FIRST AND FOREMOST before applying online. Please note, due to an imbalance in the number of regular exchange students between our institutions, it does not always apply to Summer Session participants.


You must:

1. Be currently enrolled in an exchange partner university with Sophia.

2. Obtain official exchange student status from your study abroad advisor.

3. Have your study abroad advisor to inform us of your approval as an exchange student by email. The email must be sent to

4. Meet the requirements for the Summer Session participant.


There is no scholarship available to short-term program students.

Disability Access

Support for Students with Special Needs
For Summer Session students, please inquire to short-term programs office.

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