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To apply

2018 Spring Japanese Program ( April 14 - July 30 )

The Spring Japanese Program is designed to meet the needs of those who are interested in acquiring a solid grounding in spoken and written Japanese as a basis for further careers knowledge of Japanese will be an asset.
The aim of the course is to enable students to handle everyday communication in Japanese.

To apply for 2018 Spring Japanese Programs, please follow the process outlined below :

(1)Choosing the course:
Check the course details and choose your course.

(2)Appling for the course:
To apply, please download the application form (Excel)or(PDF)←available from March 13.  
and submit it to us by facsimile or email.

• FAX. 03-3238-4310
• Email. kookai(at)

When your application is completely submitted, we will mail you a bank transfer form. Please pay the tuition fee via bank transfer as soon as possible.

Application Period:

#0401 "Essential grammar for meaningful communication in Japanese"(Basic) /
March 13 - April 12

#0402 "Establish confidence in Speaking Japanese"(Pre-Intermediate) /
March 13 - April 11

#0403 "Modern Japan in Modern Japanese" (Intermediate) /
March 13 - April 12

#0404 <!Intensive course!>
"Beginners’Japanese:Learn to communicate in 8 weeks"(Beginner) /
March 13 - April 6

#0405 <!Intensive course!>
"Useful phrases for Everyday communication" (Lower Intermediate) /
March 13 - April 10

※Deadline of Apply

1. After your payment, the course transfer is limited by the course transfer deadline.
2. No transfer fees will be charged if you make a bank transfer at the main or branch offices of banks stated on the payment slip.
3. About one week before the course starts, we will decide whether the course opens according to the number of enrollments. Therefore, please mind that the course you have paid has a possibility to be cancelled. The refund is only for tuition fee. Any other cost (e.g. textbook, bank transfer fee, traveling costs, etc.) is not eligible.

(3)confirming the Registration:
After we confirm your completed application and payment, we will mail you a registration card.
Check the title of your class and classroom printed on the card.
Tuition does not include textbook.
Please buy the textbook of your course at a book store on our campus before the class starts.
(12% discount will be applied.)

Kinokuniya Sophia Square (campus book store)
B1F (Bldg.2)/TEL. 03-3238-3092
*Please ask the store hours and status of book stock by phone before you come to the store.

(4)Appling for the course after dead line :
Not acceptable.(except for class observers)

(5)Course Transfer:
The course transfer is acceptable before the due date.
The request to transfer is not acceptable by phone or e-mail, etc.
Please come to our office and apply by the due date.

Course transfer deadline:

#0401, #0402, #0403
May 19

* " Intensive courses ( #0404, #0405 ) " are not allowed to change the course.

(6)Withdrawal & Refunds:
All requests for withdrawal and refunds should be informed to the Center for Extension Programs.

Refund deadline:

#0401, #0402, #0403
May 19

April 21

April 24

The withdrawal which is submitted by its due date is needed a cancellation fee and tuition for each class day(s).
About the details, please see the section
<Withdrawal and Refunds> of Important Notes.
 ↑Click here!

After the due date, no refunds will be given.

Important notes:
1) You cannot acquire the credits of Sophia University even if you take Japanese language courses.

2) Applicant must have a status of residence that will allow him/her to remain in Japan until the end of the course. A temporary visitor visa is not acceptable.

3) Sophia University can not support your travel expenses, student visa and permission to stay in Japan.

4) Your withdrawal which is submitted by its due date is needed a cancellation fee and tuition fee for each class day(s).
After its due date, no refund will be given. The refund is only for tuition fee. Any other cost (e.g. textbook, bank transfer fee, travel expenses, etc.) is not eligible.