Sophia University

Admissions Important Notes

Important Notes

Important Notes

1) You cannot acquire the credits of Sophia University
even if you take Japanese language courses.

2) Applicant must have a status of residence that will allow him/her
to remain in Japan until the end of the course.
A temporary visitor visa is not acceptable.

3) Sophia University can not support your travel expenses,
student visa and permission to stay in Japan.

4) Your withdrawal which is submitted by its due date is needed
a cancellation fee and tuition fee for each class day(s).
After its due date, no refund will be given.


1. In principle, audio and video photography is prohibited.

2. Food and beverage are prohibited in the classroom.

3. We start "Class Observation Service" before your application.
For details, please read ☆this page☆(38.56 KB) carefully. ←click<☆this page☆>

Course transfer

You can change the course before its due date. Visit our office and submit
the change of course.
We cannot accept any offer by email, phone or fax.
*Intensive language courses are not allowed.

Tuition and Payment

1. Tuition is including tax.

2. Tuition does not include textbook.
Please buy your textbook of the course
 at Kinokuniya Sophia Square on campus before the class starts.
(12% discount will be applied at the booksotre on campus.)
*You can’t return the textbook once you have purchased it,
even if the class is canceled because of insufficient applicants.

3. It is possible to participate in the middle of the period.
However, it needs full payment.
No refund will be given for the days that you did not attend.

4. Receipt will be issued free of charge. It takes about three days.


Attendance certificate will be issued for a fee.
Submit a prescribed form, and pay a fee of 400 yen per sheet.
It will take 5 days-1 week to prepare.

Withdrawal and Refunds

The refund is only for tuition fee. Any other cost
(e.g. textbook, bank transfer fee, travel expenses, etc.)
is not eligible.

1. All request for withdrawal and refunds should be informed to our office.
 Please give your requesting a withdrawal to us.

2. After the refunds deadline, no refunds will be given.

3. If applicable, you will receive a refund as follows:

Refund = Tuition fees paid - (A+B) (see below)

Cancellation before the first class is held:
A = 3,000 Yen (cancellation fee per course)
B = 0 Yen (tuition fees per class)

Cancellation after the first class is held:
A = 6,000 Yen (cancellation fee per course)
B = Tuition fee per class* x Number of classes held**
*Pattern1: Tuition fee per class = total tuition fees (35,100 yen) ÷
 total number of classes (13)
*Pattern2: Tuition fee per class = total tuition fees (38,400 yen) ÷
 total number of classes (8)
** Number of classes held before you notified our office of your
(You will receive no refund for classes that you miss, until
you notify our office.)
*** Please note: There will be no refund if you cancel the course
on and after Refunds Deadline.


1. Smoking is not allowed on campus. Please use the designated smoking area.

2. Assume no liability for theft.

Duration of Benefits

1. Within a period as long as students can use the library.
Books available for only browsing.
The library is unable to loan books.

2. 12% discount at the bookstore on campus.