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Admissions Course #0405 "Useful phrases for Everyday communication" <Lower Intermediate>

Course #0405 "Useful phrases for Everyday communication" <Lower Intermediate>

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⑤-Let's brush up your Japanese-
<#0405>Lower Intermediate Japanese:
[Intensive Course] "Useful phrases for Everyday communication"

(Sophia University, Center for Language Education and Research)
※ Nationality : Japan
※ Study field : Japanese linguistics
※ Authoring / Treatise :
◇「談話におけるソウダとトイウの相違について」,『日本語・日本文化』第20号 (大阪外国語大学留学生日本語教育センター,1994年)
◇『日本語のオノマトペ -食べる音や様子を中心に-』共著(大阪外国語大学AV技法研究会,1995年)

Day Tuesdays, 18:45~21:00
Time 8 weeks
Application Deadline April 10 (The day to determine to cancel the class with insufficient enrolments [Class Cancellation] )
Tuition 38,400 yen (Tax included.) *except textbook
Capacity 20
Dates April   17, 24
May      8, 15, 22, 29  (No class on May 1)
June     5, 12
*If any day of class is cancelled,
make-up class will be June 19.

“An Intensive Training Course in Japanese” (Alc, 2010) Keiko Hoshino & Ranko Endo 「新装版 日本語集中トレーニング」 星野恵子・遠藤藍子 (アルク, 2010) 
2,471yen (discounted price at KINOKUNIYA SOPHIA BOOK STORE)
*Printed materials will be also provided by the instructor at a reasonable cost.
(↓mage of text book↓)

【Message from Instructor】:
Motivated students, a passionate instructor and a relaxed atmosphere. It is an ideal combination for an excellent language class. Please know your purpose, make persistent efforts, show an attitude of cooperativeness, and always keep your sense of humor. I will always be here to help you. Enjoy learning Japanese!

This course is offered to those who wish to get more familiarized with everyday communication in Japanese. The aim of this course is to provide the participants with useful common phrases, expressions and supportive grammatical explanations to develop their listening and speaking skills. And what makes this course unique is that the recognition of Kanji signs is also covered. This course is suitable for those who have finished studying major basic grammar topics. Those who have passed in N4 of JLPT may feel comfortable with this course but it is NOT an essential requirement.

In each class the participants are supposed to:
◇Listen to dialogs to understand situations and flows of conversation
◇Learn sentence structures, words and phrases
◇Practice with oral drills to engage well in conversations
◇Learn words and phrases that are found in song lyrics or scripts of dramas and movies
◇Recognize and learn Kanji words found in signs and posters

Lectures, oral drills, discussions, picture clips, flash cards, audio and video materials Topics are basically taken from the textbook and may be shifted according to the class dynamics. Instructions and explanations are given in simple Japanese and/or in English.

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:
◇Understand and engage daily conversations in various situations
◇Express what they mean using appropriate structures, words and phrases
◇Become more comfortable and confident with their fluency and accuracy

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【Apply】 ☆applying period starts from March 13 ☆
<here (application form : excell file)> ←click ! ...Available from March 13
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