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Admissions Course #0401 "Essential grammar for meaningful communication in Japanese" <Basic>

Course #0401 "Essential grammar for meaningful communication in Japanese" <Basic>

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①-Level up your Japanese-
<#0401>Basic Japanese:
"Essential grammar for meaningful communication in Japanese"
<Ms.KOJIMA Erina>
(Lecturer at Sophia University) 

※ Nationality : Japan
※ Study field : Japanese language education, Applied linguistics

Day Thursdays, 18:45~20:15
Time 13 weeks
Application Deadline April 12 (The day to determine to cancel the class with insufficient enrollments [class camcellation] )
Tuition 35,100 yen (Tax included.) 
*except textbook
Capacity 25
Class Dates April  19, 26
May   10, 17, 24, 31
June     7, 14, 21, 28 
July      5, 12, 19  
*If any day of class is cancelled, make-up class will be July 26.

"An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese GENKI Ⅰ [Second Edition]" 
(The Japan Times)
ISBN: 978-4-7890-1440-3
3,326 yen (discounted price at Kinokuniya Sophia Book Shop)
*Printed materials may be also provided by the instructor at a reasonable cost.
(↓image of text book↓)

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【Message from Instructor】
Learning Japanese is a great way to improve your life in Japan. Even if you just learn the basics, it can change your experience by helping you make friends and get used to life in Japan. The best part about the class is that you will be studying with classmates, who will have the same goal. Let's learn together!

This course is suitable for those who have studied basic conjugation systems of verbs and adjectives in Japanese (*This is NOT a COURSE FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS*).
The course covers various basic grammar and vocabulary with particular emphasis on how to use them in daily communication in Japanese. Students will have opportunities to familiarise themselves with various grammatical patterns and strategies for communication through speaking and listening activities. Basic Kanji related to each chapter in the textbook will be covered. The course also introduces students to social and cultural issues in relation to the Japanese language.
Students intending to take this course are expected to read and write Hiragana and Katakana. Please refer to the syllabus for items to be learnt in this course.

After brief explanations of the grammar points by the instructor, students will practise new expressions through a variety of communicative activities.
Students will be given homework to consolidate their understanding of the materials covered in each class.

Students will be expected to actively participate in various class activities such as pair/group work where they use Japanese with other members of the class as well as the instructor.

By the end of this course, students will develop their ability to communicate orally using simple sentences and to read and write short passages using basic Kanji. After this course, students are encouraged to proceed to the next level at Sophia Community College.

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