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Admissions TESOL:Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A. only)

TESOL:Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
(M.A. only)


The M.A. Program in Linguistics (TESOL), founded in April 2006, builds on Sophia’s traditional strengths in linguistics and foreign language education. It provides graduate courses similar to those in the United States and Canada with emphasis on both theory and practice. The approximately 10 faculty members in TESOL have advanced degrees from leading universities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Japan, and are actively engaged in research, teacher training and publication in their specializations. They represent a diverse spectrum of applied linguistics and language education, ensuring a comprehensive program for anyone interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. Every year 8 applicants are admitted to pursue the M.A. degree, and although the TESOL program is a M.A. program, many students go on to study for their Ph.D. Linguistics program. The size of the program is kept small to encourage close student-faculty interaction. The M.A. Program in Linguistics (TESOL) and the Ph.D. program in Linguistics offer the degrees of M.A. in Linguistics and Ph.D. in Linguistics respectively. The students are required to take three compulsory courses--TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Japan, Introduction to Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition—as well as a designated number of credits from courses offered in the Core Courses, as well as Integrated Seminars I and II in consultation with faculty members. The students work on their M.A. thesis under the guidance of an academic advisor, who also chairs their M.A. thesis committee. Ph.D. students in Linguistics work on their dissertation under the guidance of an academic advisor, but are not required to do any specific course work. Both the TESOL and Linguistics Ph.D. programs are designed in such a way that all required credits and consultation can be attained through the medium of English. However, there are also courses which are offered in Japanese as well. The TESOL and Linguistics programs draw on the resources of the Sophia Linguistics Institute for International Communication. The institute sponsors many lectures and workshops by both Japanese and international scholars—many of whom give their presentation in English--providing additional opportunities for the students to learn about their areas of specialization through the medium of English. The students are also encouraged to give presentations at domestic as well as international conferences starting from the M.A. level.

Admissions Information

--Entry Semester: Spring (April)

--Method of Admissions: Document screening and Oral Examination at the Yotsuya campus (online interview is not available)

The information session for prospective students of TESOL Course will be held on Saturday, July 7. For more information click here(92.70 KB)

Application Schedule for 2019 entry

1. September Examination (9月入試)

On-line application period
July 2 through July 18, 2018
Application documents submission deadline
July 19, 2018
Issue of the admission ticket Around September 5, 2018
Oral examination
September 13, 2018
Notice of results
10:00 a.m.(JST), September 21, 2018
Letter of acceptance sent
September 28, 2018
Matriculation deadline
October 17, 2018

2.February Examination (2月入試)

On-line application period
December 3 through December 21, 2018
Application documents submission deadline
December 25, 2018
Issue of the admission ticket
Around February 4, 2019
 Oral examination February 14, 2019
Notice of results
10:00 a.m.(JST), February 21, 2019
Letter of acceptance sent
February 26, 2019
Matriculation deadline
March 8, 2019

Application Procedure & Form

Download " Application Booklet 2019 (262.26 KB)" (Abstract version in English*)

Reference Letter Form   PDF(48.91 KB) / WORD(34.50 KB)

Go to On-line Application Website

*The full version (only in Japanese) is available here. 
For further assistance, please contact the Admissions Office at 03-3238-3517 or <admission-g(at)>

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