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Sophia Soshigaya International House

Sophia Soshigaya International House

In April 2012, Sophia University opens the co-ed dormitory as an “International House” for foreign international students and Japanese students who come from distant homes; Sophia hopes that living in a community with multiple cultures and languages will enhance important aspects of human growth.
There is a live-in dormitory manager. Meals are not served, but a kitchen is available for shared use.

Basic Information

Housing Type Off-campus dormitory run by Sophia University for Sophia students
Address 4-24-1, Kami-soshigaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Room size Single, 15.08㎡
Commuting time to Sophia

Total: about 60 minutes

Sophia Soshigaya International House
→20 min. walk to Odakyu Line, Seijo-gakuen-mae Station (buses are also available)

Seijo-gakuen-mae Station
→16 min. Odakyu Line (rapid train) to Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station
→4 min. JR Chuo Line (rapid train) to Yotsuya Station

Student Commuter pass - 6,030 JPY / 1 month
- 17,200 JPY / 3 months
- 32,580 JPY / 6 months
Meals No meal service provided
Methods of Payment A remittance should be done in Japanese Yen currency and made from a bank within Japan or by telegraphic transfer (if you are sending fees from overseas) to the designated bank account before the deadline(details will be informed after the selection).
* Handling fees in connection with this remittance will be responsibility of the student.


〔One semester student〕
Total period of stay at housing 4 months
〔One year student〕
Total period of stay at housing 10 months
You may choose Lump Sum Payment or Separate Payment type.
  4 months   Lump Sum payment Separate Payment
Dorm admission fee (non-refundable) ¥21,000 Dorm admission fee (non-refundable) ¥42,000 ¥42,000
Deposit (refundable) NONE Deposit (refundable) ¥42,000 ¥42,000
Rent (¥45,000 per month) ¥180,000 Rent (¥45,000 per month) ¥450,000
(for 10 months)
(for first 6 months)
Bedding rental


Bedding rental








*Rent fee includes utilities cost (i.e. heat, light and water expenses and internet fees).
*For one year students who choose the separate payment, invoice for the second semester will be sent in the beginning of December for Spring semester, and beginning of July for Autumn semester respectively.
*Other anticipated dormitory fees (daily rent for your arrival month and optional bedding rental fee) will also be required after your arrival. Those costs will be announced later.

Rent for your arrival month (Daily payment) Daily cost will be announced later
Bedding Rental (optional) Cost will be announced later

*The above information is subject to change. For details, please check the information distributed to each student upon entering the dormitory.


The housing contract will be concluded for the following periods;
For one-year students (period of stay =10 months)
 Spring: from April 1 to January 31 of the following year
 Autumn: from arrival date (mid-September) to July 31 of the following year
For one-semester students (period of stay = 4 months)
 Spring: from April 1 to July 31
 Autumn: from arrival date (mid-September) to January 31 of the following year

Dormitory office opens daytime (8:00 to 22:00). It closes several days from December 30 to January 3. The manager will not be available, but students can stay at the dormitory.


The dormitory consists of variety of common spaces and private rooms.

・ There is no Smoking room. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the dormitory. Except the designated areas, smoking is prohibited in all streets and parks in Setagaya city where the dorm is located.

・ Shared facilities:Cafeteria, Lounge, Gym, Tennis court, Music room, Kitchen, Shower room, Laundry room, Bicycle parking area

・ Private room furnishings:Air-conditioner, Bed, Desk, Chair, Closet, Bookshelf, Lighting, Desk lamp, Curtains, Refrigerator, Toilet, Lavatory, Trash can

  • Soshigaya (Room)

  • main gate
    (Main Gate)
  • cafe
  • lobby

Mission and Vision of Sophia Soshigaya International House (SSIH)
Sophia Soshigaya International House (SSIH) is a dormitory run by Sophia University under its university educational principles which are expressed in the "Mission statement" and "Vision of the House" as follows. The members of the House are required to actively participate in maintaining its order, house events and its exchange activities. Those who agree with the mission and vision of the House are welcome to send your applications.

◇Mission statement◇ “For Others With Others”
Sophia Soshigaya International House is a home that aims to bring up persons of global competency, guided by Sophia University's Vision: “Character building through Christian Humanism” and “Sophia - Bringing the World Together”

◇Vision of the House◇ Students who live in this house may:・Help each other, as a family with unity and responsibility
・Live together understanding and accepting all differences
・Become leading agents of creating their culture, atmosphere and order of the House

For more information regarding to the rules of the House and so on, please refer to this link for details.
・Guideline(161.43 KB)・Living Guide of Sophia Soshigaya International House(409.90 KB)