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Social Residence Higashi Koganei


SOCIAL RESIDENCE HIGASHI KOGANEI is a clean and safe dormitory-style residence in west side Tokyo. Located along the popular JR Chuo line. It takes 21 minutes to Shinjuku and 26 minutes to Yotsuya station by train from the nearest train station. Surrounded by nature, the residence itself also provides different kinds of activities for residents to communicate with each other, such as its own multi-purpose outdoor sports court and periodic futsal tournament.


Housing type
Dormitory-style residence runs by a private organization (off-campus)

Contact Information
2-17-31 Midoricho Koganei-shi Tokyo
Phone 03-6452-6961

Number of single rooms
153 Rooms(9.0㎡)

Closest station / train line
JR-Chuo line / Higashi Koganei Station

Commuting time to Sophia
Total time to Sophia: 50 min.
15 min. walk from residence to Higashi Koganei station
26 min. train ride to Yotsuya by JR Chuo Line
5min.walk from Yotsuya station to Sophia campus

Commuting Fee
Approximately ¥7,450 per month

Not included

Methods of payment
By bank transfer or through credit card payment.
Contract fee, rent for first month, bedding rental must be paid
approximately one month prior to arrival. Detail payment due date will be announced later.
Rent fee for the remain months should be paid by the due date of each month.


1 Semester (4 months)

Contract fee (no refund and first time only)

Rent (including utility fee) ¥69,000/month

Bedding Rental* (first time only)

Discount (first time only)


1 year (10 months)

Contract fee (no refund and first time only)

Rent (Including common expenses) ¥69,000/month

Bedding Rental*(first time only)

Discount(first time only)


Bedding Rental

The bedding set consists of pillow, blanket, pillow case, bed sheets, blanket cover, bag.

  • Common Space: Kitchen, lounge, shower room, public hot bath, toilet, laundry room, co-working office space, studio, smoking space.
  • Private room: A.C., refrigerator, LAN, bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, verandah
  • entrance lobby
    Entrance Lobby

  • lounge

  • sport court
    Sport Court

  • social studio
    Social studio

  • share office
    Share office
  • room

  • kitchen

  • projector
    150 inch Projector