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Admissions FlatShare SHIN-Otsuka Campus

FlatShare SHIN-Otsuka Campus


FlatShare SHIN-Otsuka Campus was newly built on 20th of September 2018.
The Total is 54 rooms, which is a large sized building. Each Room has an open wardrobe and furniture so you may move in soon with your luggage. There is also a camera and delivery box at the main entrance.
If you are a person who likes socializing and likes to make new friends from different countries, this ShareHouse will be the best choice to experience culture exchanges ! It also has a large living room with a big TV and study lounge on the 3rd floor.

★We will hold a party or activities for tenants who live in our BGJ ShareHouse a few times a year.


Housing type
Share house-style residence runs by a private organization (off-campus)

Contact Information
Hillside Kagurazaka 2F, 3-6-10, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Phone 03-5206-3303

Number of single rooms
54 Rooms(7.5 ~ 11.25㎡)

Closest station / train line
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-line / Shin-Otsuka Station

Commuting time to Sophia
Total time to Sophia: 30 min.
7 min. walk from residence to Shin-Otsuka station
4 min. train ride to Korakuen Station by Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-Line
6 min. train ride to Yotsuya Station by Tokyo Metro Namboku-Line
7min.walk from Yotsuya station to Sophia campus

Commuting Fee
7,290yen for 1 month / 20,780yen for 3 months / 39,370yen for 6 months

Not included

Methods of payment
By BGJ Online Payment System "Flywire"

Initial cost:
Contract fee, cleaning fee, room insurance, rent and utility fee for 1st month and 2nd month, deposit
*if you need bedding set, it will cost 10,000yen + tax
*should finish payment before you move in
*for monthly payment, you should pay monthly rent fee one month previous before 20th.


Contract fee (no refund and first time only)

Cleaning fee (no refund and first time only)
Room insurance (no refund and need to pay every year)

Deposit (refund after you will move out)
*One month rent fee
*Deposit will be back to you after you move out by bank transfer with in 2months.

Rent fee
*rent fee will be +5,000yen/ month if you live less than 4 months.

Utility fee

Bedding set(first time only)
*The bedding set consists of pillow, blanket, pillow case, bed sheets, blanket cover.

Total (4 months)

  • Common Space: Kitchen, lounge, shower room, toilet, laundry room, study room, balcony, shortage
  • Private room: A.C., refrigerator, bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, garbage box
    *WIFI is available in each floor, you can also use wired LAN in your room.
  • Common space
    Common Space

  • Kitchen

  • Study room
    Study Room

  • Study room2
    Study Room

  • Laundry
  • room

  • room2