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DK House Matsudo


DK House Matsudo is a safe and clean apartment-style residence to the near of Tokyo. The residents are students, professionals, and experts from many parts of Japan and all over the world, so it’s a fun and stimulating place to live. You have your own private room, but friends are always around the corner, or waiting to greet you when you return home.
Characteristics of DK House:
(1) High quality accommodations. Upscale buildings and classy interiors.
(2) Large-scale facilities with many amenities.
(3) Friendly, bilingual staff on duty.
(4) Equipped with security systems. (self-locking doors, security cameras, gender separated floors)
(5) Common areas, including the shared shower rooms and restrooms, are cleaned daily. Always immaculate.


Housing Type
Shared Apartment-style residence run by a private organization (off-campus)

Contact Information
Address: 771 Hinokuchi, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 271-0067, Japan
Phone: 080-3271-9918 and +81-47-366-3301

Room Types
Single, 8.0㎡ (162 rooms)   With Unit Bath, 11㎡ (1 room) With Unit Bath, 15㎡ (1 room)

Commuting times to Sophia, with fares.
Total commuting time to Sophia: 50 to 60 min.
8 min. walk from DK House Matsudo to JR Matsudo station.

Route A: JR Line (JR Matsudo-Akihabara—Yotsuya)
¥7,820 / 1 month, ¥22,320/ 3 months, ¥42,280/ 6 months

Route B: Tokyo Metro (Matsudo—Ochanomizu—Yotsuya
¥12,330 / 1 month, ¥35,160 / 3 months, ¥66,590 / 6 months

Methods of payment
The deposit, rent and fees for the entire semester must be paid by wire transfer to the bank account of Daiichi-Kousan. Co. Ltd. at least one month before arrival.

Approximate fees needed BEFORE the arrival (*fees may be changed)

〔One semester〕
Total period of residence 4 months
〔One year〕 Total period of residence 10 months
You may choose a Lump Sum Payment two Separate Payments
  4 months Lump Sum
(10 months)
(for the first 5 months)
Administration fee ¥30,000 ¥30,000 ¥30,000
Room rent
¥188,000 ¥470,000 ¥235,000
Utilities & Internet fee
¥48,000 ¥120,000 ¥60,000
Deposit (fully refundable) ¥20,000 ¥20,000 ¥20,000
Bedding rental fee ¥11,500



Room fee discount
- ¥12,000 - ¥30,000 - ¥15,000
Total ¥285,500 ¥627,000


If you are accepted for Spring Semester, the designated arrival date will be the first of April. Thus the pro-rated room rent and fees for your arrival month will be also charged.

OTHER FEES Collected After Arrival

Room fee for the second semester
(For students who choose the separate payment system)
(¥47,000 × 5 months)

Utilities & Internet fee for the second semester
(For students who choose the separate payment system)
(¥12,000 × 5 months)

Room fee discount for the second semester
(For students who choose the separate payment system)
(¥3,000 × 5 months)

Pro-rated rent and fees (contracts may be extended up to ten days)
¥2,500 per day

Electricity exceeding 100 kWh/ month
¥33.0per kWh

Food storage box in the kitchen (Optional)
¥1080 for six months

Bicycle parking (Optional)
¥1,080 for the duration of your contract.

Motorcycle parking (Optional)
¥1,080 for the duration of your contract.


* Private room : Each private room is furnished with a refrigerator, a desk, a chair, a bed, a clothing rack or dresser. Air-conditioning, heating and Internet access are provided. High speed internet is available via both Wi-Fi and LAN.

* Common area : Wi-Fi is also available in the common areas of the first floor and in many areas of the building. The common areas include a kitchen, a dining room, a shower room, a small gym, a classroom, a study room and a courtyard garden. There are restrooms on every floor and one smoking areas in the covered area of the courtyard. A large screen TV and a DVD player are available in the dining room.

  • entrance Matsudo

  • room Matsudo
  • kitchen Matsudo
  • dining room Matsudo
    (Dining room)
  • common area Matsudo
    (Common area)
  • shower room Matsudo
    (Shower room)
  • patio Matsudo
  • Welcome Party
    (Welcome Party)


Please let the manager know your arrival date, flight number and arrival time at Narita airport (or Haneda airport). So, he will wait for your coming at DK Matsudo. From Narita to Matsudo station (via the Keisei Sky Access and Shin Keisei Lines) the fare is 1110 yen and the trip takes about one hour. If you need the access information from airport to DK Matsudo, please contact him.


Manager’s office
The Office closed on Fridays and Saturdays
If your arrival should be out of this hour, Please arrange other hotel for the day or there will be a surcharge.

Visitors must not stay past 7 PM

Dining room
24hours. Meals are not provided.

Shower room
24 hours except during cleaning (10:00-14:00)

24hours. Kitchen utensils, appliances and dishes are provided. You will be able to make your own meal anytime or have meals outside.

Coin Laundry
¥200 for the washing machine. ¥100 per 20 minutes for the dryers. Detergent is not provided. Hand washing and hang drying are permitted on the roof.

Notifications made to DK House 

Long absences
Submit an Absence Notification Form in advance if you are travelling or otherwise absent for more than a week.

Invitation of friend or family should be made within the working hours of the manager in consideration of other tenants. During special events and parties visiting hours are usually extended. If your family would like to stay for a few days or a few weeks in DK Matsudo, please ask the manager in advance. He will keep rooms for them. As a rule, it cost ¥2200/day for sharing your room and ¥3300/day for another room.

Parties and events in the common areas
Please notify the manager beforehand if you would like to plan an event.

Rules for living in DK House

Separate the garbage as directed by the manager. Recycling is mandatory under Japanese law.
Garbage bags are opened and inspected regularly, and waste will be returned to residents who do not follow the rules.

If you use the kitchen and dining area, you must wash your dishes promptly and return them to their original place. Do not leave them in the drying racks overnight.

Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited. Use the smoking areas situated in the back of the patio.

Shoes and umbrellas
The appropriate footwear must be worn at all times, indoors, in the restrooms, and in the courtyard. When not in use, slippers and shoes (as well as umbrellas) must not be left in the hallways or in the entranceway. Do not leave shoes on top of the shoe lockers.
*Please bring your own indoor slippers to wear on your first day.

Disturbing others
*DK House Matsudo is in the middle of the residential district.
Keep quiet between 11:00pm and 7:00 am
Parties may take place in the common areas of the first floor, but not in individual rooms.
*Do not leave your personal items outside of your room or in a common area.
*Gambling is not allowed at DK House Matsudo

Rearrangement of the room
You may not add to or change the room. If you install hooks or nails, or paint the walls, you will be liable for damages.

Compensation for damages
If you damage the facilities or equipment, you must report the damages immediately to DK House Matsudo.

Repeated violation of rules
If you repeatedly violate the rules, you can be evicted from DK House.

Around DK House Matsudo
Drug store (not only drug but also food, drink, snack, vegetables and alcohol are sold) : In front of DK Matsudo
Convenience store : 1 minute on foot
Supermarket, 100yen shop : 5minutes on foot
Post office/Yuucho Bank : 8minutes on foot
Matsudo City Hall : 15minutes on foot
Restaurant, Izakaya, first food, Ramen, Gyudon (beef bawl), Yakitori, bar, etc : Around Matsudo station