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Azalea House

(Message from President of Azalea House, Haruo Yokoyama)
It was established in 1978 under the cooperation with Sophia University. Then we have 80 students from 23 countries and they go to Sophia Univ. as well as other universities. They are mostly 1 year exchange students to study so-called Japanology such as Politics, economics, literature, culture and so on about Japan in Japanese.
I am the Founder and Owner who has graduated from Seton Hall University, Catholic supported and having a long partnership with Sophia Univ..
Enjoy Tokyo and Azalea House! I am looking forward to seeing you!


Housing Type
Apartment-style residence run by a private organization (off-campus)

Contact Information
Address: 3-10-18, Heiwadai, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0083 JAPAN
Phone: 03-3931-3658 Email:


Commuting time to Sophia
Total commuting time is approximately 45 minutes
(10 minute walk from Azalea House to Heiwadai station and 5-8 minutes’ walk
from Yotsuya/ Koujimachi station to Sophia campus)

Route A: Heiwadai – Koujimachi
Route B: Heiwadai – Shinjuku Sanchome – Yotsuya

Commuting fee (Commuter pass)
Route A: 4,520 JPY / 1 month, 12,890 JPY / 3 months, 24,410 JPY / 6 months
Route B: 4,570 JPY / 1 month, 13,030 JPY / 3 months, 24,680 JPY / 6 months

Not provided

Methods of payment
*Deposit and the housing fee for the whole semester must be paid via telegraphic wire transfer to the bank account of World Student Village Inc. one month before arrival/ only bank transfer is available
*Utility fees are charged every month.


Fees needed BEFORE the arrival
Payment Due: approximately one month before arrival

  1. [One semester student]
    Total period of stay at housing 4 months

    Entrance fee

    Room charges for 4 months(@ ¥56,000)

    Deposit (refundable)

  2. [One year student]
    Total period of stay at housing 10 months Room charges for one-year applicants should be remitted per semester (5months)
    The expenses for the second semester will be required by the end of first semester.

    Entrance fee

    Room charges for 10months(@ ¥56,000)

    Deposit (refundable)


*In case of cancellation after making payment before moving in: deposit/ handling charges are non-refundable; the balance will be refunded

*In case of moving out after you moved in: deposit, admission fee and one month rent are non-refundable; the balance will be refunded

Other anticipated dormitory fees required AFTER your arrival

Rent and administration fee for your arrival month
Number of days x ¥2,000

Utility fee (gas, water, electricity)
Approximately ¥10,000 per month

Payment for the second semester (one-year students only)
Approximately ¥280,000

*Bedding Rental is NOT available. Please bring or buy sheets, blankets, etc. by yourself.
*Fees may be changed without advance notice.
Azalea House is a four-storied apartment style residence which includes eighty furnished individual rooms. Each room contains kitchen, bathroom, bed, air-conditioner, desk, closet, and individual internet connection service with both cable and wi-fi.

  • Azalea(Entrance)

  • Azalea(Room1)
  • Azalea(Room2)
  • Azalea(Bath unit)
    (Bath unit)

1) To stay at the Azalea House at least one semester.
2) To give AH office 1-month-advance-notice when you intend to move out.
3) To pay the necessary fees and charges by the required date.
4) Not to let a non-resident stay overnight.
5) Not to keep a pet such as a dog, cat, hamster, and the like.
6) Not to make loud noise so as to disturb the neighbors after 10:00 p.m.
7) Not to go up to the roof.
8) To keep the common space such as the lounge, laundry room, hallway and entrance hall clean.
9) Not to neither distribute pamphlets nor put up posters without the permission from the office.
10) Not to hold neither a protest-meeting nor a party.
11) To compensate for any damages you cause within properties of Azalea House.
12) To move out should you ignore the warning to be given by the office in case you fail to abide by the Regulations.
13) If tenants are to be absent from their room for more than 1 week, please notify the office (period of time gone, where you can be reached in case of emergency).
14) Residents breaking REGULATIONS mentioned above will be asked to leave and their deposit will not be refunded.