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Sophia-Arrupe International Residence

Sophia-Arrupe International Residence

Sophia-Arrupe International Residence allows for all students with different origin, culture and religion living in one dormitory and learning the diversity through the communication with each other. They are encouraged to grow in the environment of multi-culture and multi-language, gaining a sense of internationality and diversity. This residence will hold various kinds of educational programs for residents to participate to achieve Mission & Vision below.
“Sophia-Arrupe International Residence” is derived from Fr. Arrupe Pedro, who was the twenty-eighth Superior General of the Society of Jesus and made “Jesuit Ignatian Education”, which sets educational policy of Jesuit school. This is because he spread educational goal of Society of Jesus through proposing “Be Men for Others, With Others” and we found the profound relationship between his philosophy and our school motto, “Men and Women for Others with Others.”

Basic Information

Housing Type Off-campus dormitory run by Sophia University for Sophia students
Address 33-7, Shinanomachi, Shinjuku city, Tokyo
Room size Single, 9㎡
One unit consists of six to seven individual rooms (9 square meter) will be sharing dining kitchen, toilet, shower room. Also common living area will be available on the each floor. Open ceiling space makes possible for students on the different floors to communicate. Also two rooms will be offered with the toilet, shower, and the kitchen for students with disabilities. These rooms are also gender inclusive.
Commuting time to Sophia

Total: about 10 minutes by train and walk

Student Commuter pass - 2,300 JPY / 1 month
- 6,570 JPY / 3 months
- 12,450 JPY / 6 months
Meals No meal service provided
Methods of Payment A remittance should be done in Japanese Yen currency and made from a bank within Japan or by telegraphic transfer (if you are sending fees from overseas) to the designated bank account before the deadline(details will be informed after the selection).
* Handling fees in connection with this remittance will be responsibility of the student.

ESTIMATED FEES (Approximate costs before arrival are listed)

  [One semester student] Total period of stay at housing 4 months [One year student] Total period of stay at housing 10 months
Separate payment (first 6 months)
Dorm admission fee (non-refundable) 90,000 yen 90,000 yen
Rent (95,000 yen per month) 380,000 yen 570,000 yen (for 6 months)
Bedding rental

13,200 yen

24,750 yen

Total 483,200 yen 684,750 yen (for the first payment)

*Rent fee includes utilities cost (i.e. heat, light and water expenses and internet fees).
*For one year students, the initial cost does not include the room rent of the last four months, so you will receive a bill for every month from the seventh months.


The housing contract will be concluded for the following periods;
For one-year students (period of stay =10 months)
 Spring: from April 1 to January 31 of the following year
 Autumn: from arrival date (mid-September) to July 31 of the following year
For one-semester students (period of stay = 4 months)
 Spring: from April 1 to July 31
 Autumn: from arrival date (mid-September) to January 31 of the following year


・Common Living:Dining Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, Living Room
・Multi-purpose room, Study Hall, Theater Space, 2 work out spaces, Terrace and Prayer room for any religions

◇Mission◇ “Men and Women for Others with Others.”
Sophia-Arrupe International Residence is a place that aims to bring up persons of global competency based on the educational principles of Christian Humanism and, guided by Sophia University's vision: “Sophia - Bringing the World Together.”

1. Freedom and Responsibility
Residents have the freedom to create any educational opportunity in accordance with the Mission and are responsible to maintain the order of residence.

2. Coexistence through understanding ‘the other’
Residents are expected to accept others’ characteristics and diversity, and respect the attitude to live together.

3. Self-development as Global Agent
Residents are expected to acquire a sense of global leadership by making own effort and insight toward solving social issues the humanity faces.

・Guideline(216.31 KB)・Living Guide of Sophia-Arrupe International Residence(188.82 KB)