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Changing Families in Northeast Asia -Comparative Analysis of China, Korea, and Japan
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Eds.: Kunio Ishihara and Rokuro Tabuchi / 3,150JPY / ISBN:978-4-324-09410-5
This book is an engaging collection of original comparative family studies on three East Asian countries: Japan, Korea and China. Although a large body of literature exists on family changes in these three countries, relatively little research has examined the current status of families and the processes of change these countries are undergoing based on the analysis of comparable datasets. This book is a new attempt to unravel and interpret the similarities and differences in families in the three countries drawing on large-scale original family surveys conducted in respective country.

An Unending Quest -Men and Women for Others, with Others

Ed.: The Publication Committee of "An Unending Quest, Sophia University / 1,575 JPY / ISBN: 978-4-324-09050-3 
Sophia University will celebrate the centennial of its founding in 2013. We decided to publish this book in celebration of the anniversary. The book reflects on the last 100 years of our university's history as a guide to thinking about the direction the university should take in the future. The book, which we hope will be read not only by students but also by faculty and staff, graduates and friends of the university, is designed to answer the question, "What kind of university is Sophia? And what is its vision for the future?"

Beyond Borders: A Global Perspective of Jesuit Mission History

Eds.: Shinzo Kawamura and Syril Veliath / 3,675JPY / ISBN: 978-4-324-08610-0
By throwing light upon the activities of Francis Xavier and other missionaries of the Society of Jesus in the period from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, the book describes their pioneering work that enabled the cross cultural exchange beyond the borders of civilization yet unknown to the people of the world. Based on the information gathered from the surviving letters of Xavier and Jesuit missionaries, the book provides us with perspective on the following 4 cardinal points:
 1. Process of Cultural Hybridization
 2. Local Perspective of Jesuit mission overseas
 3. Religious Dialogue
 4. Language Policy

International Law An Integrative Perspective on Trans boundary Issues

Author: Shinya Murase / 4,200 JPY / ISBN: 978-4-324-09051-0
This book is a collection of articles that the author has published in English over the years. The subject covered by this volume extends to various fields of contemporary international law including international environmental law, international economic law and international law on the use of force. The author tries to clarify some of the most fundamental problems of international law, such as the legal nature of international regimes, the extraterritorial jurisdiction of States, the opposability of unilateral measures and the relationship between international law and domestic law. He also discusses the Japanese attitude toward international law in historical perspective.

Western Style Painting in Japan ADAPTATION AND ASSIMILATION (Full color)

Author: Kang Duk-Hee / 4,700JPY / ISBN:978-4-324-08032-0
This introductory book on Japanese modern art traces the development of Japanese art from the early years of Azuchi Momoyama Period to the middle of Edo Period. The author gives a well-rounded picture of adaptation and assimilation of western style paintings in the world of Japanese art. By covering a wide range of artistic works such as “Nanban Byobu,” woodblock prints by Katsushika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige in the form of photographs, Dr. Kang takes a visual approach in presenting the history of Japanese art.

The Aesthetics of Quietude: Ota Shogo and the Theatre of Divestiture

Author: Mari Boyd / 3,240JPY / ISBN:978-4-324-07886-0

Ota Shogo is the most radical of the countercultural theatre artists who arose in the 1960s and revolutionized contemporary Japanese theatre. Like playwrights Terayama Shuji and Kara Juro, Ota was inspired by traditional Japanese art forms, but he diverged from his more flamboyant associates in his unique application of the aesthetics of "doing nothing" as advocated by no playwright-actor and theorist Zeami Motokiyo.

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