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About SUP

Sophia University Press

One of the fundamental ideals of Sophia University is “to embody the university’s special characteristics by offering opportunities to study Christianity and Christian culture. At the same time, recognizing the diversity of thought, the university encourages academic research on a wide variety of world views.”

The Sophia University Press was established to provide an independent base for publication of scholarly research. The publications of our press are a guide to the level of research at Sophia, and one of the factors in public evaluation of our activities.

The Sophia University Press publishes books that (1) meet high academic standards; (2) are related to our university’s founding spirit of Christian humanism; (3) are on important issues of interest to a broad general public; and (4) textbooks and introductions to the various academic disciplines. We publish works by individual scholars as well as the results of collaborative research projects that contribute to general cultural development and the advancement of the university.