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SOPHIA magazine

the Magazine for friends of Sophia University all over the world

SOPHIA magazine is for friends of Sophia University all over the world. The magazine covers University events and activities, history, and research. It also reports on feature stories about Sophians - faculty, students, and alumni.

The print edition is published twice a year, in summer and winter by Office of Public Relations. The online version is also available.

[NEW] SOPHIA magazine Vol.8 / WINTER 2018

Online Version of Vol.8

Perspectives and Initiatives of Three Research Institutes
- Sophia Institute of International Relations
- Institute of Global concern
- Sophia Institute of Human Security

Hidden Christian Artifacts Designated as World Heritage Site
Seiichi Kondo, Former Japanese Government Commissioner of Cultural Affairs
Fr. Toshiaki Koso, S.J., Former Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation

Seeing Japan through a Century-Old Modern Classic
John Williams, Professor, Department of English Studies

A Closer Look at Peacebuilding in Theoly and Practice
Daisaku Higashi, Professor, Center for Global Education and Discovery

Alumni Interview
Miwa Kato, Director for Operations, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Opening Up Pathways for Cambodian Children Leads to Unlocking Student Volunteers' Future
Kohei Fukushima and Kanade Shibata, Department of English Studies

Expanding Horizons for Joint Research-Research Exchange with Fordham University

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Special Issue "Global Leaders connected with Sophia"

- Sophia Students Video Chat with Pope Francis
- UN Secretaary-General António Guterres Lecture and Dialogues with Students

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