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Sophia Factbook

The Sophia School Corporation has published "Sophia Factbook". It contains basic statistics on the data collected and processed for Sophia University, Sophia University Junior College Division and Sophia School of Social Welfare.

As part of the institutional research developed at our school corporation, this Factbook aims to raise awareness among all faculty and staff members to plan and carry out work based on data, and at the same time, to promote the dissemination of information to all stakeholders. We will continue to publish "Sophia Factbook" every year as a databook.


* Sophia Factbook 2016(English)


* Sophia Factbook 2015(English)

* Sophia Factbook 2015(Chinese)

* Sophia Factbook 2015(Korean)

* Sophia Factbook 2015(Thai)

* Sophia Factbook 2015(German)


* Sophia Factbook 2014(English)